Pets Having An Identity Crisis

A Kitten Who Acts Like A Husky and A Husky Who Acts Like A Cat


Are these pets really having an identity crisis or are they proving family and good friends accept you for who you really are?

Meet Siberian Huskies Lilo and Infinity, born April 30th, 2013 and their adorable rescue Kitten sister Rosie. The internet fell in love with the pack after a video of Rosie hanging with her much larger doggy siblings went viral.


Since being adopted into the family and raised by huskies little Rosie now acts just like a dog. Even walking on a leash and playing chase.


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Have You Ever Heard of a Husky Who Acts Like A Cat?


Tally (a.k.a Tao Tao, which means ‘mischievous’ in Chinese), a shy husky mix, is a dog living life like a cat.

She was raised around cats her whole life before being adopted and has taken on many feline traits. She can be seen sitting around the house with her legs tucked under her body, and hanging out under the dining table or playing in cardboard boxes. And she also never barks or howls.

Do You Think These Pets Give Cat and Dog Lovers The Best Of Both Worlds?

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