Enjoying Black & White Sunday by Kennisis Lake

We travelled 3 hours north east of Toronto to spend the weekend by Kennisis Lake.

Maya sitting on dock 2

We are staying at our friend’s beautiful cottage right on the water with panoramic views. We enjoyed cocktails at sunset then breakfast on the dock with their Maltipoo puppy Maya.

Cottage sitting on the dock

Lake Kennisis sunset

The weather has been very pleasant and the views are spectacular. I miss little Kilo the Pug, but it would not have been safe or fun for him. He is better off at home with family and I get to play with adorable Maya. Maya knows how to swim but doesn’t like it and avoids the water.

Maya standing on dock

Maya laughing up

Kennisis Lake is the largest lake in the Haliburton Highlands in the area of Ontario just south west of Algonquin Provincial Park. From end to end, the lake is approximately 23 kilometres long. The water is still too cool for me this weekend, but my husband and host both swam. We are lucky to have lots of protected forest and provincial parks around and near the lake.

Maya out of gas

We went on a really fun boat ride all around the lake. Then we ran out of gas 100 feet from the dock. Maya helped paddle us in.



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  • Looks like a relaxing but fun time!


  • Gorgeous view! Did you not bring Kilo because he can’t swim?

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      He can’t swim and he does not like other dogs or strangers or change. Plus he has a pitiful recall if stressed or excited. Plus over 3 hour+ drive and he like 15 minutes but after that he whines (and someone I know got in an accident and their adorable little dog died 2 weeks ago)
      Maya the resident maltipoo also does not like new dogs.
      I just felt he would be happier and safer at home with all our other family members. I missed him but am sure I made the right decision for this year. XS

  • That looks like an awesome way to spend the day. I’m jealous that you can actually swim in lakes there. Here we can’t do that. We are going on a trip soon where we can swim in fresh water and I am SO excited!

  • Oh, what a wonderful place to relax. That’s what I’d like to be doing today! ☺

  • What a beautiful place. Have a fun visit!

  • That looks beautiful….lucky you!