Choosing Love and Joy In Times Of Tragedy

Monday Inspiration: Dogs Bring People Together

Unconditional Love

Recently, there has been a lot of panic and sadness due to hate in our world. It is important to remember that love exists, and loving others unconditionally is the strongest way to resist the violence. Dogs are a huge inspiration for us, able to love and trust people, even after hardship. We often look at the human-animal bond as a place of inspiration, especially in times of tragedy. Rescue dogs are a prime example of a dog’s love, learning to trust after neglect and care about their owners the same as any other dog.

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We are mourning for the lives lost in Orlando, a tragedy that will not be forgotten. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. Dogs are being sent to comfort those in need in Florida, and we hope with them will come love and healing. Grieving is a process, and we hope the kindness and words of support will keep coming from all over the world. Read about the Orlando Dog effort here.

Dogs have the power to bring communities together, we saw it recently at an event hosted by our friend Marcy. People of all ages came out to watch dogs perform and talk to like-minded dog lovers. Building strong communities based on mutual trust and understanding is beautiful, and so is connecting to diverse populations.

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Our differences make up the wonderful world we live in, and we have to be open to learn from each other. Keep your hearts, arms, and minds open to love. We must learn to accept others for who they are, and become individuals our dogs can be proud of.

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