Kilo the Pug Is The Comfort King

Kilo the Pug has gone from Rescue to Royalty. He is the little ruler in our house. He loves to curl up and snooze on the couch, on my lap, on a pillow, on my bed, in his bed.

Kilo in comfort on couch

Who can blame him? He loves comfort, luxury and a good snuggle. He is a lap dog after all. I would not think of denying him as I love his pug hugs and kisses.

He looks so adorable snoring quietly. He seems so vulnerable and almost human. I just melt when I see his big brown eyes and  take endless photos. I had to put covers on 2 of the couches as he sheds like a little bandit and gets black hair and occasionally muddy paw prints everywhere.

Kilo snoozing 3

Today it is raining so he is comfortable but wistful. He often perches in a little sunny nest on the back of the couch looking out at the world and dreaming of catching squirrels or the mailman.

I had a dinner guest last week who was horrified when Kilo jumped up on the couch to smooch her. She told him sternly that he should not be on the furniture. It was not that she does not love dogs, she just has very strict rules at her house and does not love lap dogs (even ones as cute as Kilo). I immediately took him onto my knee to make them both feel more comfortable.

Do you let your dogs on the furniture and on your bed?

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 11.09.50 AM

Check out these community members getting comfy:




Muffin -Shihtzu

Pogo & Jasmine - Teckels

Pogo & Jasmine – Teckels


Romeo - Chihuahua

Romeo – Chihuahua

Bentley - Basset Hound

Bentley – Basset Hound

Pet Parenting

What are your rules?  Do you get offended if people criticize your pet parenting?



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  • Aw, Kilo, that picture just makes me want to kiss your nose!
    Our crew gets comfy wherever they like…couches, bed, dog bed. Our golden Sheba prefers to lie right on the cool floors when it’s hot out, and she even manages to make that look comfortable!

  • Lots of comfy going on there!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yep. I guess it might be a bit different if he was a big dog, but he fits so well on my lap or beside me on the couch LOL.

  • Kilo was such a cute puppy! I’m glad that you guys have found each other. Rescuing a pet is so rewarding!

  • Awww, thanks for featuring my boys. They definitely know comfort! ♥

  • Yep, sogs can do comfy too. I would have thought cats had the market covered.

  • So sweet! And so lucky to get to be on the sofa. I’d let Toby on the couch but my husband would freak. The only bed he’s allowed on is the guest bed. So I have to wash the bedspread whenever company is coming. It’s a pain but worth it to see how blissful he is.