Finally time to do some Gardening – Black and White Sunday


We moved houses over Christmas to a smaller house on the same street. Our old garden had a beautiful little rose garden, a pond and lots of established plants.

In the new house, we only have a back deck, some large planter boxes and pots and a garage behind our house, but it turns out that we have the potential for a nice front garden. It was very overgrown and unappealing when we moved in during winter. My husband and I spent last weekend digging, pruning and cleaning up. Kilo joined us on his long leash tied around my waist. Kilo loves digging, sniffing and snoozing in the garden if I am nearby. He posed briefly with an old lawnmower (not in use anymore). He did not trust it one bit but wanted to help.

Now that the area is all clear we are planning which plants to buy. We uncovered some great hydrangeas and euonymus. We are thinking of a green and white theme to go with some white wrought iron furniture we have. Right now it looks very black and white and barren.

Do you like gardening with your dog? What plants and flowers do you have? What mosquito protection do you use (they were not out yet but by next week at sunset, they could be a problem)?

Have a great weekend.



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  • Kilo is so cute wanting to help w/ the gardening, what a good dog! I love to garden & plant flowers & veggies. I never heard of matching plant colors to furniture, that’s something to think about! I like lots of color, pinks, reds, purples! This year I’m going to plant mosquito repellent plants. I found a couple of posts on plants they don’t like. I pinned the posts so I’ll refer to them when I get the plants – wish me luck!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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      Oh I’ll check out the pins thanks. That would be great to find some repellent plants that aren’t poisonous to dogs or cats. XS

  • BOL! PAWsome helper 🙂 Sugar likes to hang out too while we garden, Have FUN! Golden Woofs

  • The boys love to get exactly where I am planting in my gardens. It always adds to the fun. I’d love to see your pictures when you’re done!

  • OMD this is just so adorable!! Too cute!! Love it!!

  • Small yard are way nicer we think! We just have lots of pots mostly, I’ll lay sunning myself until I get too hot while Taffy eats rocks. Enjoy your garden! Love Dolly

  • I must say the MyDogLikes crew is not very helpful when it comes to gardening…unless you mean making their own mulch, they love to chew up sticks! Otherwise, they trample right over!

  • Kilo looks like a huge help! We haven’t done much gardening yet this year because the weather keeps changing – cold one day and warm the next. Our biggest issue is rabbit control. Anything we plant the local rabbits eat.

  • This was awesome! Glory will jump in our wheel barrel but I don’t think she would stay if I tried to wheel it around.

  • We don’t have a yard but when we had a community garden plot, Mr. N would come hang out with us. I had to stop him from killing a mole though!