Write a pet’s name in your “Blank Space”

Kilo watching MTV VMAs
Last night, my daughter, her boyfriend, Kilo and I watched the MTV Music Video Awards together.  Taylor Swift took home four of the most high profile awards including Video of the Year and Best Female Video. We are huge fans. My daughter met her at MUCH Music in Toronto a few years ago, and she was incredibly nice and fun in person.

Her video for Blank Space won Best Pop Video and Best Female Video.  This song and story obviously resonated with so many people. Over a billion have watched the video on YouTube.

Kilo dancing with paws in the air

I know it is about looking for love, meeting a new hot young guy. Taylor is so beautiful, talented, rich and nice and yet, she has still had trouble with relationships and a long list of ex-boyfriends. She still has a blank space to fill like so many other ordinary people do, but her life is just a little more complicated.

As it is Inspire Me Monday, I thought perhaps we could think about filling the blank space many of us feel in our hearts with adopting a dog. I know Taylor loves cats and I don’t want to be cynical about romance, but maybe the love of a rescue dog would be better than a “next mistake”.

10 reasons a rescue dog would be better than a hot new boyfriend Taylor

  • They have beautiful faces – just look at cute little Kilo the Pug (he may even be more handsome than most guys LOL). They are always happy to see you. It has been scientifically proven that looking at a cute dog’s face can improve your mood and reduce anxiety – you won’t need to cry.
  • Love’s a game, and dogs wanna play. If you like players, get a border collie or a pug like Kilo.
  • They would never be texting or calling other women.
  • They don’t care about what you’re wearing or how much money you have (as long as you give them treats, attention, exercise and toys).
  • They are loyal and give unconditional love. They make better friends than diamonds and have your back.
  • They don’t care about fame and won’t be jealous or insecure about your career.
  • They love walks in the park or on the beach and are always up for an adventure with you.
  • You’ll always have someone to eat dinner with (and who loves your cooking in Kilo’s case).
  • They are expert cuddlers. Maybe they won’t leave you breathless, but they can make you feel good. I hug my Pug LOL.
  • They will love you more than anything, even themselves. This is one relationship that does not have to go down in flames and end. It can be forever.

Proceeds of her latest video go to preserve wildlife

I am thrilled to see that the proceeds of Taylor’s newest video “Wildest Dreams” on VEVO/ YouTube will go to preserving wildlife in Africa throughout the African Parks Foundation of America. I still think she needs a puppy.

Adopt a Pet today

If you have a rescue dog, tell us below. If you have a “blank space” in your heart, check out some of these lovely dogs on Petfinder or check out Homeward Bound Rescue’s adoptable dog, Raina.

Maybe you could write their names in your blank space.

Homeward Bound Rescue dog Raina

There was lots of mischief at the MVAs I’m sure, and at our house over the weekend so we are joining the Mischief Monday Hop – The hop that wraps up the weekend! Thanks to Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog, and My Brown Newfies for hosting.



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  • So far all our dogs have been rescues and hopefully we will get back into fostering soon! That is a great way to think about that song :).

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I have always had rescues too (cats and dogs). I started out fostering Kilo the Pug a year ago but the little cutie is here to stay now.

  • Awwww, what a sweet post. A dog can definitely fill that blank spot. And we agree with your list! Taylor needs a pup! 🙂

  • I have always admired Taylor Swift, she’s nothing if not honest and I think that is a great quality. I really like your interpretation of filling that blank space with a rescue. It resonates with me as my first rescue of my own, in my 30’s, filled that blank space. Harley helped me learn to be satisfied with who I was and happy with where I was at. He filled the space and I no longer felt rushed to get married and have children. He was my buddy. Thanks to him I waited and ended up with a terrific husband. I will always be grateful for my little buddy Harley! He holds a very special place in my heart!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks so much for sharing Denise. I love Taylor too and think adopting a pup could help lots of people and dogs. XS

  • Mr. N is a rescue. He insists on taking up all the blank space though!

  • Glad to hear about the good cause of Taylor’s new video! Dogs are the PAWfect fill for a blank space.

  • Great post I hope many pets get adopted.

  • We have 2 rescued shelties and are thinking about number 3.