How cute are these Best Friends?

Lottie, Hero, Marvel and Rev are the cutest dog best friends

The human-animal bond is a friendship like no other. It can heal and empower us and make our lives happier. Just like a human best friend, your dog can be there to listen and comfort you in times of need. Plus they are great at keeping secrets and don’t judge.

Kilo and Susie giving Hugs and kisses

Kilo the pug has become my best friend

Here’s a great quote from Jane Austen that really reflects how I feel about my best friends:

Best Friend Quote:
“There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature.” ― Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

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How do you define a “best friend”?

Can 2 or More Dogs Be Best Friends?

It can be tricky introducing a new puppy or dog to your best friend. There are no guarantees they will get along. We explore the issues of a blended family of 2 very different dogs in “Backseat Barkers and will be looking at best practises for a safe and happy transition.


We have some great trainers who can show us how it’s done. It’s very inspiring to see some of our pals’  positive videos going viral – spreading love and friendship to millions!

Enjoy our photos and videos of the cutest canine best friends ever!

Lottie and Grizzly make me smile every time I see them. Congratulations to their wonderful trainer Taylor. Her positive attitude and warmth shine through. Can’t wait to see them at the next Dog Lovers Days Event in Kitchener on February 20th!

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Marvel and Hero aka The Super Collies are two very talented BFF’s. Owner and trainer Sara Carson shares her expert dog training tips HERE

The super collies posing


Rev The Border Collie gives his best friend a festive hug.


We always love seeing our pal Marcy’s Jack Russel Trio of BFF’s, Shivers, Sweetie and Lulu’s new tricks.

shivers sweetie and lulu on rock


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  • So many cute best friend pairs. Mr. N has his besties too.

  • Oh, I just love these! Such an enjoyable post. I smiled at all of them! My Sibes are each other’s best friends…they will howl if one is in or leaving without the rest! Then they greet each other with kisses and play like they haven’t seen each other in ages!

  • Especially love that last photo of the Jack Russell friends! Too cute!