I Choose You!

With Valentines Day just around the corner we are preparing to launch our new Contest to celebrate the bond between dogs and their pet parents. We will be launching the new contest over the next week, so stay tuned for your chance to win.

Today we are asking how did you and your dog meet? Was it love at fist sight or a long awaited date? Sometimes it feels as though it was all meant to be. We are excited to hear how you and your dog met, comment and tell us below!

Click for more photos and info about our adorable and talented member Tonya. She’s a beautiful Siberian Husky/Border Collie mix knows around 200 tricks!





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  • I looked at the pound for months for a poodle, at poodle rescue, then two breeders I didn’t like. Finally we drove up to the breeders and there was Cole standing quietly in his water dish. Waiting for me. Love,
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  • When I went to the breeder to get Harley, he was in the breeders arms. As we talked Harley wiggled and wiggled until the breeder set him down on the counter and I kid you not – Harley took this huge leap into my arms, and I’ve been loving him ever since.

  • All of ours felt “meant to be”. We looked everywhere for a beagle and when we finally found a breeder with puppies, there was only one female available. When choosing our golden, we just wanted the largest female in the litter and Sheba turned out perfect. We chose our rescue Luke online from photos when we saw the litter of puppies down south born on the same date as a Lab mix we had lost at a very young age.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Awesome to hear you do your research when looking to adopt! They do all sound like the were meant to be. Thanks Jan 🙂

  • I fell in love with Mr. N’s picture and when we met him, I knew I definitely wanted him!

  • We “met” online. A few days after our Abby passed away, my hubs said to the sky one night, “Bailey and Abby, if you’re together now, send us a sign.” Right after that (even though we’d planned to wait at least a month or two to get another dog) something compelled me to go online and type in “beagle” on PetFinder. Rita’s pic came up on the first page of results, and she looked so much like Abby and Bailey had gotten together and had a puppy, that we had to have her. Brought her home the next week. (And then years later, did a DNA test and found out she has NO beagle in her!)

  • what a cute picture. Nellie we picked out of 6 puppy’s that my male sired, she was a little go getter so we picked her. Glory we kept out of the last breeding with Nellie and Gambler the bitches owner picked him because I wanted the lightest one out of another litter my male sired.