Inspiring Photos From

The Top Dog Trick Show

Inspiring photos from the top dog trick dog show at the Spring Canadian Pet Expo

Today we are inspired by the human-animal bond and dedication to positive reinforcement training we saw at the Spring Canadian Pet Expo. We’d like to congratulate all of the competitors in the Top Dog Trick Show for their amazing performances and hard work. The show was a great success and drew large crowds of families interested in responsible pet ownership and trick training for their own pets. After each performance, the dogs and trainers had meet and greets at the Talent Hounds booth, sharing helpful tips and taking photos. It was really heartwarming to see so many people interested in bonding with their dogs.

All of the Top Dog Trick Competitors

All of the Top Dog Trick Competitors with judges

Many of the dogs that competed in our show were rescues and proved that with love and patience most dogs can be a great dogs. It was a very entertaining show full of athletic disc dogs and interesting tricks that really pumped up the crowd.

The CPE was a great way to spend the Easter weekend with friends and family including their dogs. There were hundreds of vendors selling the latest pet products, great speakers, doggy celebs like our pals Smiley, Iggy Joey, Pom Pom Chewy, Remix and shows to watch.

pom pom chewy, hero the super collie and iggy joey

Susie, Kilo and Iggy Joey

The WoofJocks also performed each day with entertaining, educational and interactive shows including agility “doggy drag-racing” that were so fun and really had the crowd cheering. Other fun events included fashion shows, dock diving and fly ball tournaments.

Thanks to all of the trainers and dogs who made the show a huge success!

Judges and top three winners of the top dog trick show at CPE 2016

Judges and top three winners of the top dog trick show at CPE 2016

1st prize winner of the weekend was Hero the Super Collie with trainer Sara, who also brought her rescue puppy Marvel to get some practice performing in front of crowds.

Sara and Hero

Marvel and Sara

2nd prize went to Evan, Lori and their rescue Noodles the Wonderdog

Noodles and Evan

3rd prize went to Kim and her dog Angus (Angus could even bring me a tissue as I had a terrible cold by bad luck).  She also competed with her other disc dog Capone.

Kim and Angus

Angus gives Kim and tissue

Capone and Kim

Everyone went home with a swag bag and are all winners to us!

Alyssa and Mia

Mia and Alyssa

Mike and Kowboy Fred who gave his last performance this weekend before retiring as a family dog.

Mike hugs Kowboy Fred

Mike and Kowboy Fred

Marcy and her Jack Russells Shivers and Sweetie

Marcy Sweetie and Shivers

Marcy Sweetie and Shivers

Eric and rescue dog Mercy

Eric and Mercy

Eric and Mercy

Reta and rescue dog Linzy

Reta and Linzy

Linzy in her basket

Linzy skateboarding

Ashley and Mickie and Maya

Ashley, Maya and Mickie

Ashley and Maya

Dryver and disc dogs Kallie and Spook

Dryver, Kallie and Spook

Dryver, Kallie and Spook

Stephanie and Phasor

Stephanie and Phasor

A very special thank you to Michelle and her hubby for the wonderful photos there with Reta Linzy and her beautiful Shiba Inu Instagram Stars Keshia and Inari!
Michelle and Reta

Also a special mention to Dozer the Pig- what a well-dressed cutie.

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