Laughter Is The Best Medicine To Overcome Greif

dog smiling at camera

When I’m feeling down I can always count on my dog to cheer me up. When you laugh your body actually physically changes. The muscles throughout our face and body get a good stretch and our pulse and blood flow goes up. You also begin to breathe faster, sending more oxygen to your brain and body tissue. Not to mention you get a great ab workout!

Dog’s add endless humour to our lives. From their funny quirks to their adorable faces, their ability to make you smile is innate.

Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures new movie, “Max”, an family action adventure film is opening nationwide on June 26, 2015. The theme of the film centres around the Human-Animal bond being able to help overcome grief and loss. (More about Max the film HERE) We have seen how effective service animals or working dogs can be when filming for our Dogs Make A Difference TV episode. Their gentle and strong silent support helps people all over the world overcome issues such as depression or anxiety every day.

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  • Mom loves humor, which may not surprise anyone. She uses it a lot, and it does also help when one is sad, think of the silly fun times to make yourself smile between the tears.

  • We agree. And what a gorgeous pup.

  • I couldn’t agree more! I can’t imagine not having a pup to make me smile and laugh. The joy they bring to our lives is priceless.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more! I laugh a great deal and most of the time it’s generated by something one of the Boys are doing.

  • I would definitely agree that laughter is really helpful!

  • Rita makes us laugh and smile every day. This morning she made me feel guilty though… I had to leave to go to jury duty and she tried to get in the car with me! I was so sad to tell her she couldn’t come along!

  • This is going to sound crazy, but I don’t think my own dogs are part of my healing when I go through grief or turmoil. The dogs are a constant, they’re work. Yes, they make me smile and laugh, but they’re not my therapy. Believe it or not, my chickens and duck are more therapeutic.

  • Mr. N usually does at least a couple of silly things every day!

  • You are so right! We are actually doing a blog series on this very topic! Can’t wait to see that movie.