Life Is Short, Live Each Day With Love

After last week’s onion scare with Kilo and attending my niece’s beautiful wedding over the weekend, today we celebrate love. Each day is a blessing as you never know what life will throw at you. We are lucky to be alive and what better way to show it than with love. And who loves you more than your dog?

dachshund looks into camera

This weekend my family and I attended my niece’s wedding in Montreal, Quebec. It was such a beautiful day and everything was perfect. I was so happy to see she included her wonderful dog, Hal, in the wedding party. Her now husband is Irish and lots of his family and friends came. Hal sported a green bowtie like the groomsmen.

In her speech, my niece said to her new husband “I love you more than anything, but Hal’s a close second”.

Susie and Hal the rescue dog

Hal the rescue dog

Camp LotsaDogs helped my niece and nephew rescue Hal. In lieu of wedding favours for guests, they decided to make a donation on behalf of their guests. I think this is an amazing way to spread the love and to help dogs in need.

Hal in the wedding party

Wedding invitation

What do you think about including dogs in wedding parties?



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  • I love seeing dogs included in weddings. After all, they are a part of the family and probably make better guests than a few of the humans that get invited, lol!

  • That is simply the BEST!

  • Aww lovely pictures 🙂

    Thanks for hosting

  • What a great weekend. I love it when couples share their wedding with their dogs. How sweet!

  • I think it’s an awesome idea. Love the favors!

  • That is really great! Love to see a dog included in a wedding (that’s my kinda wedding!) and I love that they donated to dog rescue rather than give out the usual wedding favors. Very cool! (Scary about the onions – had to go read that one. That store! Terrible that they mislabeled the products! Anyway, I’m glad Kilo was okay!)

    The hubs and I didn’t have a dog when we got married (we were living in Bermuda at the time – not the easiest place to get a dog. No animal shelters or reputable breeders – at least not when we lived there.) But if we got married today, I’d love to have the dog in the wedding! 🙂

  • How wonderful that Hal the dog was included in the wedding! And super wonderful that Kilo survived that onion scare, oh my! You could not have picked a better quotable quote to share.

  • What a wonderful story! How special that they made their love of animals a part of their special day, and for others. Good kids. Love Dolly

  • What a beautiful way to give back. Hal seems like an awesome dog! I am so glad that this is the trend for weddings these days!

  • I just love it when dogs attend weddings! I have some friends who included their two border collies in their wedding photos – it was just gorgeous! So glad your niece’s wedding went well and Kilo got past his onion scare!

  • We are for it if the dogs are well behaved and the venue is right for dogs. Kind of the same thing as if kids should be there or not.

  • I think it’s awesome to include dogs at weddings – pets are an important part of the family!

    (Hope it’s okay for Tsunami to crash what appears to be a very dog-centric linky – but we love Kilo and wanted to join the fun!)

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Gorgeous Tsunami is welcome anytime with us. Our rescue cat Nala passed late last year at 17.5 years. Our other 2 dogs Cookie and Isabelle were friendly with our cats and rabbits and guinea pig. Kilo is adorable with me, but he enjoys being an only pug LOL. Pets are family. XS