Love Messages from Kilo the Pug

This Mischief Monday, I’d like to share how Kilo always seems to make up for his…faults. He loves to cuddle and always showers me with plenty of pug hugs and kisses- his little Love Messages. I love his little smile, his affection and his funny antics. He is also a great little walking and play buddy.

This weekend he managed to knock over and go through the recycling trash twice. He seemed to find it really fun and showed no remorse.  I couldn’t work out how he did it the first time, so I watched from around the corner as he tugged on the white plastic liner bag to drag the large bin out from a protected corner, then rolled it over and pushed open the lid. Lots of plastic items to play with.

Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept.

It’s funny how when you love someone or something, it’s easy to see past their faults. In Kilo’s case, I am going to try to change him just a little.

Happy Mischief Monday and Memorial Day to our friends in the United States.




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