Monday Motivation- Be Awesome

Kilo has the right attitude! Start this week out well with some Monday Motivation and Inspiration – a reminder to Be Awesome!

Monday Motivation-BeAwesome-Kilo Meme

Every morning Kilo springs out of bed, ready to seize the day. I am not a morning person at the best of times. After a busy weekend of Mother’s Day fun and planting, I felt pretty tired when I woke up this morning.  However it was impossible to resist Kilo’s happy little face pushed up against my face.  Kilo wanted to cuddle and play.

One of the many reasons I’m so happy to have Kilo is his unbridled enthusiasm. His energy is infectious! We went for a little walk and had breakfast together. He showed off a few tricks and made sure I knew we are both awesome.

We should all live each day to the fullest, be kind, be generous, celebrate with the ones we love and Be Awesome.

How will you be awesome this Monday?

Now I just noticed Kilo has borrowed one of my favourite shoes – up to Monday Mischief- but still awesome.

If you would like further Inspiration, check out the features on some of our awesome friends Harley, Teddy, Bocker Labradoodle, Gizmo’s Frens, Parker Pup, Smiley  and Surf Dog Ricochet. Each one of them is making a difference in the world.

We have also joined an Inspiration Monday Blog Hop hosted by Create with Joy 



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  • Be awesome – I like that! Chewy borrows my shoes all the time and he’s still awesome. I think he’s playing hide n seek when he does it.

  • Great advice, Kilo! Have a fabulous Monday!

  • I agree – it’ll set you up for success for the rest of the week

  • Thank you for the reminder to be awesome & to start every new week with the right, positive, attitude! I was off this past weekend (well, almost, only had one cat visit scheduled on Mother’s Day), so I got some cleaning chores done & worked on my editorial blogging calendar for this week.
    We’re watching a friend’s 2 kiddos as of today through Friday afternoon, so we’ll be busy entertaining them around our fairly busy work schedules. It’ll be fun though, and the pups will have a blast playing & cuddling with them!

  • Carpe Diem, Kilo! You’ve got the right attitude!

  • Mr. N is not a morning dog so he doesn’t really bounce out of bed but he’s always happy to do something!

  • My dogs are awesome because no one ever told them they weren’t.

  • What is it with dogs and shoes. One of mine claimed my sons old croc as a chew toy. LOL