National Cupcake Day

Bake Cupcakes & Support Rescue Dogs

kilo and cupcakes for national cupcake day

Do you love dogs and want to make a difference for rescue dogs being cared for by animal welfare agencies across Canada? National Cupcake Day for SPCAs and Humane Societies is on Monday, February 29, 2016. It’s a day to bake or buy cupcakes for friends, family or co-workers and save the lives of dogs in need.


Whether you are a natural Betty Crocker in the kitchen or prefer to shop for cupcakes, getting into the spirit is all that matters. Rescue dogs rock -they understand they have a second chance at life and repay you with endless love. Since adopting my pug Kilo from Homeward Bound Rescue, I’ve seen first hand the difference adopting a rescue makes in their life and yours. I’m grateful to have him every day and want to extend that opportunity to every dog waiting for its forever home. That’s why I’m joining the mission on February 29th and baking some sweet treats.

Kilo hard at work mixing cookie dough

Join the mission to fight cruelty with cupcakes and “bake” a difference for animals!

Why not bake cupcakes for your dog? In moderation, they can be great for on the go snacks for your dog, they crumble well for training and make a healthy treat alternative depending on the ingredients.

I occasionally bake them and other things for Kilo the Pug and he loves them! He even “helps out” in the kitchen LOL.


DIY Delicious Easy Recipes for Cupcakes for Dogs

See my easy to follow recipes that are completely dog-friendly and seriously tasty.

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Since launching in 2013, supporters of National Cupcake Day have baked a total of 52,173 cupcakes, raising $1.2 million. Join this year’s fun –register as a Cupcake Day Host for National Cupcake Day and start baking!

Host your own party on February 29th to celebrate. Let your family, friends and colleagues know why you are baking and how they too can help raise funds for dogs in need. Invite your guests to bring a donation for one of the participating animal welfare charities of your choice, in exchange for a cupcake. By joining in the cause, you’ll be helping raise critically-needed funds for rescue animals that have been abused, abandoned and neglected.


See photos all of the sweet entries (some as far away as Australia!) on the Twitter and Facebook Page.

Check out for more info.

Also, check out our friends over at I Love My Chi for a round up of 10 easy treats to make and our friends over at Puppy Leaks  did a great post if you are looking for 21 Simple Dog Treat Recipes.

What Will You Be Baking?

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