Pause For Love

pause for love pug smiling
Meet today’s Dog of the Day: Jager De Pug

Life requires us to play so many different roles throughout the day. The constant hustle and bustle of life can sometimes make me feel that I am on an endless treadmill and will never get everything done.

Today I’d like to share the inspiring quote “Pause For Love”.

Taking a minute to pause and reflect can seem daunting in our busy lives. It almost feels like wasting time. However, it can give us a chance to appreciate what we have.

Like many, I love my dog. Kilo is a daily reminder to be happy and thankful for life. He was put into rescue a year ago after previous families couldn’t care for him. Despite his past, he is generally a very happy pug. He embraces life.

Take time out to meditate, visit friends or loved ones and do activities that make you feel good. A happier more relaxed you will start to shine through.

Yesterday was the annual Toronto Humans Society: Paws in the Park Event. 

Thousands took time out of their weekends to participate in a walk to raise awareness about homeless animals in our community and the services provided by the Toronto Humane Society.

Susie Sara Hero Carla THS

Susie, Sara and Carla Collins

Everyone enjoyed the scenic trail through Ashbridge’s Bay Park located in the Toronto Beaches and the festivities of the event including the performances by our pals Hero, Shivers and Linzy.

It was very inspiring to see so many people pausing for love to help dogs in need.



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