Play: 52 Snapshots of Life with my Pug


This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life theme is “play”

Kilo is the king of fun. He loves to play and seemingly has endless energy until he passes out snoring. He springs out of bed each morning ready to take on the day. It’s very inspiring!

He also is a great reminder to play and enjoy life. He loves his toys, especially the new bee toy I got him from the BlogPaws Conference. He also enjoys a good nap or siesta (as I do).

Enjoy these photos of Kilo the Pug playing and enjoy life.

Kilo the Pu Loving Life with Toy

TH Kilo on a hill with a view

My Mom literally makes me jump through hoops for toys. How about yours?

TH-Kilo jumps through Hoop

Very proud of riding my horse (I was suspicious of it at first).


TH Kilo new Toys



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  • Oh, you make this sound so inspiring and joyful! I’ve to admit that I’m sometimes (read often) a bit unnerved when my cats want to play with me. It’s ok when I get started, but I often feel that I just want to lay down, rest and snuggle with them instead. I’ll try to enjoy our play time more.

  • Kilo sure is one happy little fellow!

  • Looks like you are having a blast Kilo!!

  • A dog riding a rocking horse! I love it!! He is so cute. What kind of a dog is Kilo?

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      He is a rescue Pug. Probably a tiny bit of mix, maybe terrier in there, or he may just be a Puppy Mill black Pug. I started to foster him last year at 2 years old. The lady that surrendered him had had him 5 months and was not sure of his original history. He had been through 3 or 4 homes. He is lucky he is so cute. He loves doing tricks for treats LOL XS

  • That looks like you are having a great time playing!

  • Kilo certainly has a full and happy life!! Love the photos!

  • Wow, Kilo has a horse of his own? And he rides it?! Impressive! He looks like a very happy dog, having fun playing. Gotta love that.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yep- he’s a tiny bit spoilt. I went looking for cars and bikes and skateboards second-hand last week LOL. He is a lot of fun to play with. He is not quite as quick as some breeds but he is willing to learn for treats.