Practice Makes Perfect  at Woofstock2015

mercy practice love pin

This Inspiring Me Monday we’d like to focus on the joy of the human-animal bond we saw at the annual Woofstock celebration in Toronto’s Woodbine park.

You know what they say, “practice makes perfect”, and this weekend proved it! All of the hard work, love and dedication we saw in all of the Performers, Participants, Vendors, Volunteers and Staff made for an great weekend.  There was so  much to see, do, eat, buy, win and learn.

DoggyLoverDays lure course

Popular Doggy Lover Days Lure Course

Woofstock has grown into a massive festival that draws tens of thousands of pet lovers and their dogs from across the country and the U.S. It’s one of the largest outdoor festivals for dogs in all of North America!

Iggy Joey in dress

Instagram superstar and Fashion Icon, Iggy!

It was so inspiring to see so many devoted pet parents and people who just love dogs gather to celebrate them. All of the hard work and generosity that goes into large events like this is truly amazing.

Rescues Rock!

Rescue Cocka-poo Mercy and family

Mercy the Rescue Won the Pet Tricks Contest

Mercy, a rescued cockapoo, took home a win for the Sunday Pet Trick Contest. She’s a basketball pooch who beat out a fabulous Katy Perry impersonator and other talented competitors for the win. It’s always inspiring to see how love, patience and dedication to training can bring out the best in dogs.

Look for our feature on Mercy coming soon to the blog!

We were thrilled to run into gorgeous Fishstick, Tim and Crystal at the Bullwrinkles Pug Races on Sunday. Tim and I had matching t-shirts from PugALug Pug Rescue. Fishstic was one of the stars of our Rescues Rock TV episode.

Fishstick and dad

Fishstick the rescue pug and dad, Tim

We are so proud of our pals Sarah and Hero the Super Collie who won the day one “Stupid Pet Tricks Contest”. They always give their all for performances; all their hard work and practice have really paid off.

sara and hero

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Linzy and Marcy and her Jack Russells, Sweetie, Lulu and Shivers, also wowed the crowd with their roster of clever tricks.

Daisy the dachshund dressed as a country and western singer

Daisy The Doxie in this year’s fabulous costume.

Daisy and her mom have been attending Woofstock since day one. They are favorites in the costume contest each year for their creative designs.

costume contest winner

Sunday’s Costume Contest Winner- a walking Blue Jays Trophy Dog!

A big shout-out to the Toronto Blue Jays. They have been practicing hard for the season and it’s been epic. They added another win to their amazing season yesterday. The game ended with a home run by 3rd baseman, Josh Donaldson, in the 9th inning.  On to the Play-offs.

T.O.T. Sticky in tux

Styling little Romeo wowed the ladies

Check back for a full gallery of Woofstock 2015 pics, coming soon! 

Pumpkin costume doodle

What inspired you lately?

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