September is National Service Dog Month

Celebrate These Special Canines

National Service Dog Month- lab puppies sit for camera

National Service Dog Month celebrates Service Dogs and the power of human-animal bond.

You can help support the amazing work these special canines do by watching, sharing and commenting on our YouTube videos or donating directly to a registered organization near you. We will be making donations from the YouTube Ad Revenue to The National Service Dogs  and to theThe Lions Foundation of Canada. to help them continue their amazing work.

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National Guide Dog Month was created by Dick Van Patten, founder of Natural Balance Pet Foods . During a visit to the Guide Dogs of the Desert in California, he was apparently blindfolded to experience how guide dogs provide assistance and mobility to blind people.He was very impressed by the intelligence and training of guide dogs, but upset by the prohibitive cost of the breeding and training. He wanted to do something to help. In 2008, he partnered with Petco to raise money and awareness for guide dog schools, starting with the Guide Dogs of the Desert. They built from there. In 2009, multiple states in the US issued proclamations in recognition of National Guide Dog Month.

September is now dedicated to recognizing these truly lifesaving animals who work tirelessly to help humans on and off the job.

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While filming our Dogs Make A Difference TV episode, we found trained dogs can fill countless roles that aid humans live fuller happier lives. This month we celebrate the heroes : Guide Dogs, hearing dogs, seizure and medical alert dogs, autism assistance dogs,  PTSD dogs and more.

Assistance dogs help children and adults with disabilities find freedom.

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See photos our adorable Therapy and Service Dog pals HERE

Get Involved

Consider volunteering or donating to an organization like National Service Dogs or The Lions Foundation of Canada as we will. 

Spread awareness on social media this September to say thank you for all they do.

Comment below to share how you  will celebrate or bring attention to service dogs making a difference in your community.




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  • Service dog training is something I would like to get into one day. I’m sure the hardest but most rewarding part is letting them go. What a wonderful article for celebrating this month! 🙂

  • What would we do without our loyal, beloved service dogs? Bless them.

  • Thank you for the information! Great job celebrating our hard working furry family!