Sky Photo: 53 Snap Shots of Life

When I think of the word “sky”, I always imagine a bright sunny day. I love to be outdoors especially when it’s perfect weather.

I snapped this picture of Kilo out on walk to a beautiful community environmental centre and preservation area called the Brick Works. It was a great day spent exploring for the whole family under a bright blue skye.

I love this picture of Kilo, he looks so happy.  I also think the trees against the blue skye in the background is quite pretty.




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  • That’s such a good shot of Kilo, he definitely looks happy and like he really enjoys the outdoors and that beautiful day!

  • Kilo looks quite happy. I love when dogs squint their eyes like that, it makes me wonder what they are thinking. He must be thinking he’s one lucky dog to be out on a nice walk.

  • He does look happy, and he looks like he owns the place too. Cute pic!

  • Lovely photo! Kilo looks so content; happy to be outdoors and owning that rock or bark he’s standing on. Happy holiday weekend!

  • He does look happy, such a cutie 🙂