The Best Tricks at Woofstock 2016

The Brightest at Woofstock Show off Their Talents Day 1

Best Dog Tricks at Woofstock 2016

Woofstock 2016 in one word: Amazing!

We had such a great time at Woofstock this year. One of the biggest highlights was seeing all our pals at Canines Got Talent do what they do best: absolutely wow us!

Couldn’t join us this year Day 1 at Woofstock in Toronto? No worries! We’ve created a highlight reel to share the fun with you.


We just had to show off our round-up of smart dogs and trainers who went above and beyond. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to positive training (and treats) to get to this level of awesome.


What fun tricks does your dog know? What are some of your best training memories or tips? Let us know in the comments!


This Year’s Day 1 Trick Wonder Pups

The Winner (again) was our great friends all the way from Chicago: Noodles the Wonder Dog and his trainers Lori and Evan. Noodles is proof that #RescuesRock.

Also featured, quite a few of our regular stars : lovely rescue Linzy, Rev the Border Collie, Shivers and Sweetie, Kallie, Snoopy, Kissy, and Scruffy.

Maddisen & Rev the Border Collie

Maddisen & Rev the Border Collie

Teach Your Dog A Trick

Jumping pup

Shivers the Jack Russell Terrier

The best way to win a trick competition is to work your skill list up by learning unique and fun talents and having fun with your dog (make sure they enjoy performing in public and give them lots of practice and encouragement).

Training can be great bonding time for you and your dog, strengthening your relationship and creating wonderful memories.

Want to learn new dog tricks?

  • Check out our informational post by Taylor and Lottie on teaching your dog to “sit pretty” here.

We hope we’ll get to feature you on Talent Hounds.




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