A Video Compilation of the Best Dog Memes That Make Being Human Look Like a Joke

Hilarious Video Compilation of the best dog memes that make being human look like a joke

Mondays can be tough so we put together this compilation of dog memes that capture what it’s like to be human (and what a laugh that can be!) So sit back, relax and enjoy these singing, snoring, beer fetching, farting dogs and forget about the hum drum of your day with us for 2 and a half minutes!

Finding that motivation:

We all have those days that start off with the best of intentions. You tell yourself: “I’m doing yoga”, or ‘I’m going to the gym’ or ‘today, I will only have a salad’ but we all know that sometimes even the best of intentions can be overridden by the smell of bacon cooking!

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing… for a Beer:

Nana getting her Bae a beer in Backseat Barkers Funny Memes

I know what you’re thinking: “how can I teach my dog to do this?!” And it’s okay, it’s what we’re all thinking! At the end of a long day working the grind, who wouldn’t want to come home to a gorgeous Border Collie like Nana bringing you a beer?

We all feel the same way about Pizza:

Not only would it be nice to be looked at the way Fishstick looks at pizza, but right now about the only thing I look at with such love is pizza too.

Wishing you were this good of a Singer:

We all have that friend who’s constantly showing off their talents, and sometimes it’s less than impressive, but Louie here was by far one of the most talented dog’s we’ve seen in terms of having such a beautiful, unique singing voice!

Trying to flirt like you’re on “The Bachelor”: 

Flirting is a tenuous art, mastered by very few but employed by many… Flapping your tongue at someone is still the best way to let them know that you’re interested right?

Don’t try and pretend this hasn’t happened to you:

The ultimate accomplishment: Farting and getting away with it. ‘Nuff said. Pugs can be a little gassy but Kilo the Pug and Fishstick also often get the blame.

Sometimes we just can’t help it:When you find out he's a snorer- Nana the Border Collie covers her ears in Backseat Barkers Memes

We all have loved to hate that partner with a snore like a chainsaw at some point (Or let’s be honest, it may be your mom or your sister…or you) But that first night of realization is always a bit of a rude awakening so to speak!


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