Tongue Out Tuesday Fun With Friends

We like this silly craze. Kilo is a pug. He sticks his tongue out when he gets hot or excited, so it’s not hard to grab a photo. He looks a little serious in this one.

Have a cute picture of your dog letting it all hang out? Send it to us and we’ll feature your photo in our celebration next week and share it on our Facebook and Twitter .

Kilo the Pug with tongue out for tongueouttuesday-7

Last week, we posted on Facebook inviting friends to join in on the fun. Thanks to all who shared!

Our Friends:

cute puppy on bed poses for tongue out tuesday

Brothers Ivan and Chevy

Ivan and Chevy the boxer pose for tongue out tuesday

Daisy is puppy mill rescue dog and is all smiles now. Read more about the dangers of Puppy Mills in our Say No to Puppy Mills Post.

Daisy poses for tongue out tuesday


Minty poses for tongue out tuesday

Beautiful a stuffed Cathy Keisha at the Blogpaws Conference. We loved seeing them there.

Carma Poodale poses for tongue out tuesday

Elisa the pom chi poses for tongue out tuesday



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