There’s Water, Water, Everywhere!

This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life theme is water. It is also pet hydration month so today you’ll see “water, water, everywhere” on Talent hounds today. This is a great theme as we head into the heat of summer.

Golden retriever swimming in water

Water is a great way to keep cool. Kilo isn’t much of a water dog and usually opts to walk beside or around it rather than dive right in.  Is your dog a born swimmer or dock diver or water lover?

Blog Paw’s July #PetSafety and Pet Hydration Month

We are also a part of Blog Paw’s July #PetSafety Month. Today we are sharing some tips and info about water safety and staying fit and hydrated this summer.

If you need some inspiration for beating the heat and enjoying some H2O with your dog you may enjoy today’s “The Importance Of Water For Dogs” Post.



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  • Sophie is a great swimmer and water lover. Jasper likes lying down on the first step of the pool, but will jump on the raft and jump in, head first, to play the orange squid pool toy game with Sophie. Otherwise, I think he’d prefer to run laps around the backyard.

  • My current dogs hate water! My previous dogs were all “fishermen”. They didn’t exactly swim, and they didn’t dock dive or chase toys… they walked along the shallow part of the lake, near the shore, and tried to catch fish. I think they all taught each other how to do it. Hobie tried to teach Cooper and Charlie, but they just have no interest in the water. It stinks because we live on a lake!! Hello?! lol GREAT photo, by the way!!

  • Whoa! It is a appropriate theme for Pet Hydration Month. Dogs seem to love their water.