Guilty Dog


Dog owners know that sometimes your dog isn’t a perfect angle. Dogs can be very “creative” in their spare time or when left alone.  Although Kilo isn’t an ideal role model, he has been doing great lately.

As I am away at the Blogpaws conference this weekend, I can only imagine the mischief he is getting into.

Have you ever came home to your dog standing still with that classic guilty look? It’s a little funny but also so terribly cute!  At that point even if you are very angry, it’s so hard to find the courage to discipline such a cute and helpless creature.

We snapped this photo of two adorable Boston Terriers at this year’s Canadian Pet Expo. Although one looks a little guilty and that smile is a little too big!

We also love Denver, the guilty dog who helped himself to some kitty Cat treats! Who could stay mad at that face?

If you have a dog, feel free to share your “guilty look” experiences with us on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.




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