Wise words from Oscar Wilde to start the week : “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”
Well at least the overeducated part.

overdressed or overeducated Meme-K9 Couture

Look at the cutest most stylish little Pom we met with K9 Couture at the Canadian Pet Expo. He is extremely well trained, and seems very comfortable showcasing their fabulous doggy fashions.

He does have a suitably mischievous twinkle in his eye for Monday Mischief.

Kilo the Pug strongly disagrees with Oscar Wilde’s wise words. He is very happy to wear a bandana, a harness, a bowtie, a tie, but he is not keen on boots or jackets, even in the cold. He loves learning tricks for treats, but is not so good on basic obedience and education.

Other dogs don’t seem to mind dressing up at all and we think, if they look happy,  they can look adorable. Check out some of the other best dressed dogs we met :

Best Dressed Dogs at Canadian Pet Expo

Woofstock 2014 – best dressed dogs

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