Working on a Sunday not Breakfast in Bed?

Kilo the Pug came up to my room this morning hoping for breakfast in bed, preferably bacon and eggs. Not that he has ever had breakfast in bed or actually gets bacon often, but a dog can dream.

TH Kilo Pug breakfast in bed black and white

He was somewhat disappointed when he realized that we both had to get to work. I reminded him that a dog blogger’s work is never done, it’s 7 days a week. Luckily he loves taking photos. He perks up when he sees the camera, because he knows there will be rewards – treats and attention and lots of “good boy”s.

TH Kilo Pug work black and white

He poses,  then signals when he has had enough and it’s treat and play time. He doesn’t really consider it work at all.

It’s a very nice morning here, so we are off for a walk before catching up on more work. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Enjoy the Black and White Sunday Hop:



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