52 Snapshots of Kilo the Pug – Teach

TH teach Kilo jumps through hoops

Teach is a great theme for the 52 Snapshots of Life Hop this week.

Every day, almost every hour,  I train Kilo the Pug for five minutes using rewards and positive reinforcement. He will literally jump through hoops for me (or for treats).

I try to teach him focus to ease his anxiety and build our bond. I try to teach him basic obedience – he’s hit or miss on that (hence the leash).

I teach him tricks to occupy his mind and body. He takes a while on some tricks and on associating words. Pugs were not bred as working dogs like Border Collies. Their main job was to sit on laps, cuddle, look cute and possibly to warn against intruders or taste food. However he is a very eager student if there are treats involved. Practise makes perfect and he gets better every day.



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