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Dog Songs: Kilo the Pug Sings

Kilo is a two and half year old pug who was rescued by the amazing team at Homeward Bound Rescue. He’s a funny little guy who has so many unique quirks. He has really come a long way since we first began fostering him in our home earlier last year. He has learnt new tricks, the art of socializing with others and how to trust people. His personality really shined through and he has been able to overcome his past hardships.  One of his many talents we have discovered is his ability and love to sing. He may not hit every note but this pug can hold a tune!

For a list of our favourite dog songs click HERE

Click to watch Kilo’s pal Louie, the adorable singing boston terrier sing the National Anthem and Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Does your dog love to sing too? Upload a video or photo of your dog singing to the gallery and be included!

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