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Dog's name: Willow Cute dancing dog Willow auditions for Talent Hounds- see that star power.


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Dog's Name: Luke Look at lovely little dog Luke's audition for Talent Hounds.

Sunshine the Poodle

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Sunshine the Poodle Former Show Dog Sunshine, a mini Poodle, Brightens Our Day for her Talent Hounds Audition. She looked so pretty in purple- such a fashionista.


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Dog's Name: Lola Funny cute dancing Chi puppy Lola stars in Talent Hounds auditions. Lola was born with very "special" little toes on her front feet, and because of it, was about to be put down by the breeder - ...


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Dog's Name: Callie Callie, a black Standard Poodle, was styling her audition for Talent Hounds. She is such a beautiful dog!


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Dog's Name: Umbro Adorable Audition by Umbro the pug -- too cute!

Kato Teddybear, the most beautiful dog!

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How photogenic am I?

Satori – Beautiful and I know it!

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I'm sexy and I know it!

Mojo as Gangsta

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Dexter the lepracan

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Santa and his little helper

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Caleb (Santa) and Remi (Elf) are ready for the Holidays!!


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My Halloween & Christmas Costumes

Muttley CYrus Dog life cover

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muttley cyrus diva red

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muttley cyrus diva red

muttley cyrus biker

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muttley cyrus biker

Muttley CYrus cover

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