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Casting Call Contest- Make Us Smile and WIN prizes for you and a Rescue Organization.

Prizes include delicious Bullwrinkles Treats and handy Super Scoopy Bags. We are casting for four new episodes of our documentary series Talent Hounds on the following themes : Puppy Love, Happy Tails, Tributes and Healthy Active Living.

Have a great heart warming story to share? We want to hear it!





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  • Hello!

    We were browsing your site and would love to become involved by featuring some of our videos with you!

    Gilligan is a shorthair miniature dachshund whom my fiancee and I just adopted in 2014. He is our most precious little buddy and adds so much joy to our lives! We’ve just celebrated his 4th birthday and are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with him for the first time.

    You can see all of his adventures on his blog His videos, including a full-length rap parody video as “Lil’ Ween,” can be viewed on his YouTube Channel, “Gilligan Ahoy.”

    We adopted Gilligan from a prior owner who could no longer care for him, and are working on a couple of socialization challenges he has (though for the most part he is an angel).

    We would love to answer any questions you have if you’d like to learn more about him and we could get involved on your site, either with this contest or otherwise.

    Thanks so much for what you do!

    – Drew aka Gilligan’s Papa