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Adoptable Dogs- Awesome Oscar has a will not only to live but to thrive! This adorable male Schnauzer mix came to From My Heart Rescue from death row in Quebec, where his owners had dumped him in a gassing shelter. Having thwarted death, this nine-year-old boy has proven to his foster mom that age is only a number. He loves to chase a ball, chew on toys and play with doggy and human friends alike.  Check out profile on Petfinder Here


Among Oscar’s many talents are his dancing ability and his talkativeness. When you talk to him, he’€™ll respond with his own vocalizations (super-cute!), and his dancing skills really come out at meal time! When it’s time for R&R, Oscar will happily curl up with you on a sofa or bed, and he’s very good about getting into his crate for bedtime. He also loves to give kisses!

Since he is such a happy and easygoing little guy (just 17 pounds!), we were surprised to learn that Oscar had bladder stones. He has undergone two surgeries to remove the stones, and with a proper diet and regular X-rays and veterinary care, Oscar should remain in good health for years to come!

Now the only thing this handsome devil is missing is the angel who will adopt him into a safe and loving forever home….
Oscar is vaccinate, neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested and on preventative.

We are asking for a $200 adoption fee for Oscar to help pay his vetting.



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