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Adorable Service Puppies- Future Lifesavers

Life is definitely way better for many people with a Service Dog. Service Dogs can help kids with autism, the physically impaired, people with PTSD and even people with illnesses or anxiety disorders.

We have had the great pleasure of meeting many of these lifesavers and heroes.  We love making tribute videos to educate people on their work.

Max and Autism Assistance Dog NSD Chester

This video of Max and his autism assistance dog NSD Chester is so heartwarming. Chester was part of the National Service Dog Puppy Program and trained for 2 years to work with Max.


Dog Guide Keats and Braydon

Tracey’s powerful words explain the incredible difference Dog Guide Keats has made in her son Braydon’s life. Braydon found Keats through Lions Foundation of Dog Guides Canada.


Special Skills Dog Guides Jasper and Titan

This moving and inspiring short film features beautiful Beverley who is blind and her dog Jasper, as well as Jim and his buddy Titan who open Doors & Fridges, Picks Up Keys & barks at trouble. These labrador retrievers are so well trained, loving and talented.


PTSD Assistance Dogs

Service dogs have been found to have the ability to draw out even the most isolated personality helping patients overcome emotional numbness and Post Traumatic Stress. The dogs can also help ease the hypervigilance common with PTSD. Knowing that a naturally alert and caring soul has your back helps ease the daily symptoms of PTSD.

Thanks:  Danielle Forbes and staff at National Service Dogs (,  NSD Flicka,  Judy Fridono and her dog Surf Dog Ricochet (


One of our favorite days filming segments for Talent Hounds was hanging out at the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides Office in Oakville and meeting a group of 8 week old Labrador Retriever Puppies.

How cute are these soon to be service dogs?

Gorgeous Dog Guide Service Puppies

Adorable Golden Lab Dog Guide Puppy

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Adorable Service Puppies- Future Lifesavers

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  • You woofies are so very adorable, and it’s heartwarming to know you will grow up to be service dogs and help people who need your help.

  • They’re so adorable! A guide dog here takes puppies in training around downtown and I have to restrain myself from petting them!

  • So adorable and to know how they will be helping others just warms my heart! Love this post!

  • So cute! I have a friend whose disabled son has an assistance dog.

  • Those pups are so cute. It’s incredible how much dogs can help out humans both medically and emotionally. We owe them a lot!

  • I’ve always wanted to help raise service dogs, maybe one day the time will be right for me to do that. I think it is so exciting the number of rescue dogs that end up being service dogs. When I was growing up, all service dogs were purebred retrievers, and it is great to see that all kinds of dogs from different backgrounds can be service dogs.

  • Such adorable sweethearts – guide dogs do such important work!

  • Absolutely adorable! And to think what an important role ahead of them!

  • Wonderful videos. Service dog do such important work. The puppies are adorable!

  • Oh my gosh. These dogs melt my heart.

  • Service dogs are such little heroes. I feel all dogs are service dogs in some ways. They all do their best to make us feel better.

  • Thank you for sharing some of these stories – the barriers are an interesting piece on how they help PTSD cases. Such a special relationship…

  • It’s always amazing the things dogs can do! The comfort one can bring is undesirable

  • PepiSmartDog: great post! We love Service Dogs!
    Could the puppies be any cuter??? *cute alert*
    Big apologies for being late in commenting – things got mental.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and hope to see you again this week. *waves paw* :=o)