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Sign up to submit a photo or video of your dog and it might appear in our film.

We are looking for all kinds of talented hounds: Entertainers (singers, dancers, freestyle, actors), Service Dogs (such as police, fire, therapy, guide); Working Dogs (hunting; pulling, herding, cart dogs); Athletes (agility, flyball, disc, treibball); Tricksters; Cuties; Fashionistas; and Heroes.

You know your baby’s got talent, now’s your chance to show it!

Step 1: take a fabulous photo or make an awesome video of your dog
Step 2: log on to and sign up
Step 3: Fill in your Dogs’ Audition info and include a video link or photo and click “submit”

Your dog could appear in our TV show “Talent Hounds” and be featured in our online community!

Visit our website and Sign Up Now!

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