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Dog's Name: Daniel Daniel, a toy poodle, who was also seen in Over the Rainbow on CBC does amazing tricks for Talent Hounds. So cute and so well trained


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Dog's Name: Bella Ultamutt Bella, a Boston Terrier, can skateboard, do gymnastics and even croon!


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Dog's Name: Snuggles Yes- Super talented dog Snuggles skateboards and does tricks. So obedient and well trained!


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Dog's Name: Sophia Super Smart dog Sophia is a black Labrador Retriever that can do over 100 tricks including knowing how to read. Some say she's even psychic!


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Dog's Name: Zoom Amazing cute audition by Zoom for Talent Hounds film. Zooms sits, rolls over and shows all sorts of talent. Zoom borrowed glasses to read his training manual (joking).


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Dog's Name: Chica Cute tricks by adorable little Chihuahua Chica at Canine Campus in Talent Hounds audition.


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Dog's Name: Axl Axl the Adorable Chihuahua Peforms Tricks for Talent Hounds


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Dog's Name: Buddy Black Labrador Buddy is a rescue success story that showed off his tricks for the Talent Hounds Casting Call.


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Dog's name: Teva Beautiful dog Teva does tricks and obedience training, but she also uses her amazing sense of smell and training to help her human Scott find endangered plant species, and also to find dead animal ...


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Dog's Name: Paddington Cute dog tricks in adorable Paddington's audition for Talent Hounds. Paddington loves treats.


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Dog's name: Yardly Cute dog Yardly loved pulling his little seasonal cart promoting Talent Hounds Casting Call at Who's Walking Who in Ajax -- what a star!


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Dog's Name: Harley Cute funny dancing chihuahua dog Harley with Trish A.: Twirling Trickster- Talent Hounds


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Dog's name: Ike Such a talented dog! Gorgeous German Shepherd Ike, the actor,  follows a set of rapid fire commands, showing off his smarts and training. Rolling over can be challenging but not for this star. &n...

Piper Cub

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Dogs Name: Piper Cub Best dog tricks: Beautiful Piper Cub, a Georgian Bay Sporting Dog, shows off talent for Talent Hounds by performing lots of  tricks. Piper Cub is also very handsome indeed. What a star!


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Dog's Name: Karmen Karmen, a beautiful black German Shepherd performed her tricks for Talent Hounds.


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Dog's Name: Noah The Pyrenean Shepherd Noah auditions for Talent Hounds with renown trainer Gillian Ridgeway.

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