10 Great Ways to Get Active with your Dog

Looking for Ways to Get Fit With Your Dog?

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Exercise makes for happier, healthier humans and dogs. Spring is here and the sun is shining today. It is time for us to think about getting out and getting active. A dog makes a great buddy. From walking and running to swimming and agility, here are some really fun and exciting ways to get active with your dog.

10 Great Activities to do with your Dog:

1) Go for a Walk or a Run

Cute puppy smelling flowers

It’s spring time so get out and smell the flowers. Grab that leash and take a walk or go for a run. Take your best friend with you. Kilo and I usually take 4 or 5 short walks each day as he is a pug and I have bad knees.  We vary the terrain and what we see (and what he smells). We are lucky to have ravines and parks close to my house. We really enjoy a shortish hike. We also drive down to the waterfront or to other locations for longer adventures. We supported the Walk for Dog Guides down by the water last weekend. Running can be even better exercise, but I can’t manage it right now and Kilo is a sprinter not a jogger. He can overheat easily.


Running can be even better exercise, but I can’t manage it right now and Kilo is a sprinter not a jogger. He can overheat easily. For some great articles on the benefits of running with your dog and tips on how to do so safely, check out SlimDoggy.com.

2) Play Fetch or Chase or Hide and Seek

Puppy with ball wanting to play fetch meme

Lots of dogs have a natural drive to retrieve or herd or hunt and love a good game of Fetch or Chase or Hide and Seek.  All you need is a stick or a ball or a toy, some treats and a garden, off leash park or other open space to throw something and/or run around and play together or with other dogs. Kilo and I play Chase and Go Find indoors too. He is still not great at bringing things to me.

You can get really serious and compete in Retrieving Trials or Scent Work or Hunting if you and your dog are suited.

3) Throw a Frisbee or Disc

Many dogs love to catch. See how high they can jump. Either in a garden or park or field or even at organized training, competitions. or events like Heather from RUFFSPORT below.


and Kowboy Fred, Mia, Rev, Lottie and Hero the Supercollie.


4) Play Date or Meet Up

Let your dog Socialize and run around with friends in a garden or a park or at an organized event or session at a facility near you. We have some fun events for the whole family coming up.

Near us we have facilities like: Red Barn Event Centre, PawsWay, Who’s Walking Who, Canine Campus, All About Dogs, PawsWay, Where Hounds Fly, DogGone Right and Holiday Pet Care. We also have lots of off-leash park dog- friendly events and even beautiful Cherry Beach.


It is especially important to socialize puppies.

5) Agility & Flyball

Lots of dogs love Flyball and Agility. These adrenaline-filled sports challenge their minds and bodies.  It is great fun for dogs and owners. Sign up for some agility classes or events and competitions at a facility near you- check out our new Resources section. Kilo has been taking beginner classes at PawsWay and is now going to take some private classes at All About Dogs in the big closed off arena. Should be great exercise for both of us.

Check out all the talented Agility & Flyball stars in the Gallery.

corgi doing agility Brittany

6) Herding & Treibball

Treibball is a newish sport from Germany that is particularly fun for herding dogs as they herd balls. Or look for actual herding courses and trials near you. We went and saw a class up at the Red Barn Event Centre.

7) Canine Freestyle

Dancing with your dog can be a really cool way to bond and get fit. Get inspired by Dancing Stars like Hero the SuoerCollie, Rev, Linzy, Bob Fosse, Twyla Tharp and Gwen Verdon.  Find some great classes at Cassandra’s Canines, All About Dogs, Red Barn Event Centre and other places near you or learn from YouTube Videos online and practise at home. I have been teaching Kilo. He has some amazing spins and jumps, but he is not so good at remote commands- herding dogs, poodles and retrievers tend to excel.

httpss://youtu.be/FLmCdD-4V4E httpss://youtu.be/VKVpTCU8Llw

8) Swimming

Swimming can be a wonderful low impact way to get active with your dog. Take your dog to a beach or lake or pool once the water and air are warm enough, and let them do the dog paddle. Make sure they can swim and be safe of course (Kilo the Pug would need a life jacket). See our more in depth article on swimming here.

9) Dock Jumping

Check out the dock jumping Ultimate Air Dogs. Sure looks like fun and good exercise. See how high and how far your dog can jump.


10) Other more specialty sports and activities

There are also lots of exciting activities like doga, hunting, scent training, lure coursing, carting, Schutzhund and more. Check out what some of your local trainers and facilities offer and some of the blogs on this Hop.

Make sure you check with an expert or vet how much exercise per day and what type of activity is good for you dog’s size and breed.  Always have water for your self and your dog.

Send us any pictures, suggestions or experiences you have had with getting active with your dog.

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  • Ted Massy 4 years ago

    Great ideas, thank you! Can’t wait to try these out with Eckie,my Dober/doodle.

  • Margaret-Anne Diffolsolver 4 years ago

    Oh La La, My Basset Hound pug cross will ADORE these exercises!! Do you guys do anything for bunnies???!!! Does anyone know any soybased food for dogs??

  • Love the Frisbee shot. My favorite is agility. Can’t wait, I’m going swimming tomorrow. Great PAWsome ideas. Happy FitDog Friday. Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • What great ideas – I’d love to do a little dog dancing but not sure if moms would be up for it. THanks for joining our hop.

  • Those are fantastic tips! We like the first one best, we love to walk and stop and smell the flowers! Thanks for joining FitDog Friday! 🙂

  • Canine Freestyle – I never would have thought of that! How awesome!. I’ve always wanted to teach Koly to do that. He’s not as sure.

  • Jackie Bouchard 4 years ago

    Great tips. My Rita is afraid of a lot of those things… No swimming for her, etc. and she’s not into fetch too much. But she does love our walks and she runs on the beach and has play dates there with her friend, the boxer, 3 times/week.

    Love the frisbee shot!

  • I like to combine a couple of these activities. Every weekend we head to the leash free park in Pickering. We spend 15 minutes in the lower park (a few acres completely fenced in), then proceed to go for a walk along the Seaton trails and top it all off with a swim in the creek. On the way back to the parking lot, we spend another 15 minutes in the park and dry off with a couple of throws of the tennis ball. Only challenge is that my Aussie never tires! The beagle though sleeps all the way home!!

  • I haven’t heard of Treibball before, but it sounds like something Haley would love!! These are all fun ideas for getting your dog out of the house and keeping them in shape.

  • Wonderful post. Staying fit and active with your pup is so fun and so easy. It also helps tremendously with bonding. Thanks for joining the hop.

  • All excellent ideas!

  • What an excellent post! Thank you, guys!


  • Mr. N is learning some freestyle moves. All the directions are making my head spin!

  • Kim Kiernan 2 years ago

    great article!

  • Love canine freestyle! I’d like to learn some more moves!

  • That is a great list of activities!