5 Good Reasons to Strengthen Your Dog’s Core

I have been trying to teach Kilo the Pug how to “sit pretty “after getting some tips from Trainer Taylor and watching her gorgeous fit dogs Lottie and Grizzly in action last weekend.

Taylor reminded me about the importance of fundamentals and a strong core. We have worked on Kilo’s core and his hind legs but looks like he needs more. Our “Sit Pretty” still only really works for a few seconds on the couch and I lure and support him to get up.

5 Good reasons to strengthen your dogs core

Just like humans,  a strong, flexible core underpins almost everything your dog does. It is very important for a Pug like Kilo with a long back, big head, narrow hips and short legs.

Fit JRT Dog Katrin, rolling atop a ball

Katrin balancing on a ball

5 Benefits of a Stronger Core

  • enhances balance and stability
  • helps prevent injuries
  • protects the inner organs, central nervous system and back
  • helps your dog look and feel better with better muscle tone and posture
  • improves athletic performance (and ability to do tricks like Sit Pretty)

Kilo training with peanut butter for Dogs

What we will be doing to Improve Kilo the Pug’s Core Strength?

I will try to make it fun and use positive reinforcement.  Here are a few things we will try:

  • Exercises like the nose stretch which seems a little like humans doing the plank – see Slim Doggy tips here.
  • Slim Doggy also suggests roll over and we do a lot of rolling on his back and tickling in my lap and on the bed which he seems to love but Kilo will snap if you try to lure him into a roll over from lie down. I think maybe it makes him feel very vulnerable. It took forever to teach him to lie down but now he is great at that so we’ll keep working very gently.
  • Working on wobbly surfaces to maintain balance for example on stability balls, peanuts and other specialized dog fitness equipment, a home-made wobble board and even the couch.
  • Practising touch where he reaches up with both paws and touches things on walls or cupboards etc.
  • Practising “Sit Pretty” on the couch and on the floor.
  • Dancing and walking on two paws

TH GPE FitPaws

Does anyone have some other good exercises and suggestions?

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  • Core strength is very important and can e worked on in so many different ways.

  • Crawl is another good one for the core. It took Rocco a while to get sit pretty, but he can do it now. We worked up to it slowly and now we’re adding more duration. Kilo will get it in time!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks- yes I mentioned you and Rocco were our inspiration in the Training Post. He is improving slowly and loving the positive training LOL

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      We have been working on crawl too. He still always pops his butt up but making good progress. thanks!

  • Since we don’t do tricks with our guys, we never really thought about core work as being simportant for that sit pretty. Good point and good tips. Grizzly looks a lot like our dog Tino – made me smile.