Animal Wellness Magazine’s New Animal Ambassadors

We are pleased to share that our friends Hero and Grizzly, have been selected as two of the official Ambassadors of the Four Pillars of Animal Wellness!

border collie



Grizzly & sister Lottie

Animal Wellness Magazine, believes the foundation of optimal wellness and happiness is built upon FOUR PILLARS – Natural Health, Natural Nutrition, Positive Training and Active Lifestyle. Each of these Pillars work together to provide your animal companion with the longest and best quality of life possible.

At Talent Hounds, and on this Fit Dog Friday Blog Hop, I think we all agree that good nutrition, lots of physical and mental activity and positive training are a big priority.

Check out our gallery of amazing photos from the All About Pets Show Performance showing off the benefits of positive training and the special bond between a group of girls and their dogs including Hero and Lottie.

Meet the Ambassadors for each of these pillars and look out for monthly features:

Hero, the dancing Border Collie with more than 300 tricks to dazzle with is the official Positive Training Ambassador. We love Hero and his talented trainer Sara who regularly contributes to Talent Hounds, appears in our shows and also performs live in Canada and the US.

Foot Stall Training with Hero!

Batdog Costume-wearing Dachshund Crusoe shows us all how to be more active and fit as the Active Lifestyle Ambassador.


Strudel Nugget Duchess of Snuggles is a massage-loving Yorkie and the Natural Health Ambassador.


Grizzly the rescued German Shepherd is the Natural Nutrition Ambassador and has some advice on eating clean. Grizzly’s sister Lottie is an amazing Border Collie and their talented trainer Taylor is a regular contributor ( and also appears in our TV and live shows.


Check out Animal Wellness Magazine’s Vine Account to see more videos of these amazing dogs in action! Check out our Vine Account while you are there.

Does your dog have talent? Do you have stories or tips to share? Let us know on Talent Hounds in comments below.

Think your dog has what it takes to be one of the Four Pillars of Animal Wellness? Enter your dog HERE

*Photos of Grizzly, Strudel and Crusoe courtesy of Animal Wellness Magazine

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