BE proACTIVE Challenge :  Are you killing your dog with kindness? Over 50% of dogs are overweight and this can shorten their lifespan and increase your medical bills.  So do the right thing for your pudgy pup (and yourself!!).  Get more active and watch what you both eat. It gets a little harder, at least for me, when the weather gets colder. But you can still bundle up for a good walk or run (watch out for ice and salt) and look around for indoor games to play and exercise ideas.

I love dancing and music so I find Canine Musical Freestyle fantastic fun- mental and physical stimulation plus can be good for balance, strength and fitness for both of you. Cassandra and her team of dogs are amazing and offer classes in and near Toronto We also went to some great classes at All About Dogs and The Red Barn Event Centre.

Using a treadmill can be great exercise for humans and dogs – our friends at Dog Tread share the benefits and their equipment for dogs.

Yoga can be excellent for humans and this cute chihuahua seems to enjoy it LOL!

Check out more ideas with our friends at SlimDoggy who had a great Infographic today HERE:

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  • OMG a dog that can dance with the amazing Gwen Verdon…i’ve watched this a dozen times now and absolutely love it…thanks so much for sharing

  • That dancing dog just makes me smile. That’s really a great exercise to share with your pup!

  • This is SO awesome! Love these videos! Love the question about killing our dogs with kindness; I’m writing a post about that in early December – great question and something for us to reflect about in how we care for our dogs!