Exciting new Dog Lure Agility Course combo from Dog Lovers Days

Great fun, great exercise and a big challenge for lots of dogs on Sunday.

Dog Lover Days,  Bullwrinkles and Barnsdale Farms brought out a fabulous new Lure Course with 2 Agility tunnels and 2 small jumps last Sunday at The Dogs Rescuers Inc event in Oakville. Most of  the dogs seemed to absolutely love chasing the electric driven lure around the winding path (it looked like a little white squirrel).

The dogs that had done agility happily jumped the jumps and a small number raced through the tunnels. Everything was carefully set up with soft plastic and bamboo equipment to avoid injury. There was non stop action all day and we were in the thick of it- so much fun and great exercise (for us and the dogs LOL).


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Fit Dogs Rock

Check out the Fit Dogs Rock Trailer if you missed it last week- lots of friends included:

Has your dog tried Lure Coursing or Agility?

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  • Great post! DogTread loves agility!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks! We had so much fun. Kilo is a beginner at agility but loves it. I couldn’t take him on Sunday as too many dogs/strangers and stress yet. Next time- I can’t wait!

  • That looks like a ton of fun! I bet Barley would really enjoy that!

  • Looks like a lot of fun. And yes, fit dogs rock!

  • That racing around on the Lure Course looks like pawfuls of fun! We like the TV show trailer too 😉 Keep on racing around so you can eat more snacks and stay fit!

  • Mr. N loves lure coursing although he’s only done the ones without obstacles.

  • Super video!! I like the dog view camera on the shepherd. I was also wondering how you got the lure in the tunnels, now I know! What fun!

  • Holy moly, Mort would go *insane* for a lure course that had jumps and tunnels. I mean, he sees a tunnel and is jaw-chattering to run through it… a lure course is even more exciting. Two in one?! It might blow his kelpie-mix brain I tell you! We need this delivered to California, immediately (or well, we might have to borrow this idea the next time a lure course is set up) 😉

  • Wow! What a cool course. Lure coursing is a blast! Love the Fit Dogs Rock trailer. LOTS of familiar faces!

  • I am now very curious about what my dogs would do with this sport… they all know agility and all flunked lure coursing testing.

  • What fun and great exercise!

  • Sage would so love to run a course like that! There could be nothing better than chasing a squirrel over an agility course.

  • Cathy Armato 3 years ago

    Great idea to combine lure w/ agility components, that looks like so much fun!