FIT DOG FRIDAY! Get Active, and Bond With your Dog. Try Agility. Join in on the FUN! Thanks to BULLWRINKLES – the perfect treats to train with!

Also join in the fun at PetsMove with our great friends at Slim Doggy


Dog Agility is a sport in which a handler directs a dog through a memorized obstacle course and is judged on time and accuracy.  Dogs run off-leash guided by the handler’s voice, movement, and body signals. The handler runs alongside. The course can  include: jumps, tunnels, dog walks, chutes, A frames, teeters  and weave-poles to challenge your dog’s body and mind! Agility courses are designed to mimic natural scenarios your dog might face in the wild and help to fulfill their natural hunting and chasing drives.

Agility training is a great way for healthy dogs of all breads to let off steam, burn energy and relieve stress! Responsible training for and in agility can also help to strengthen muscles, increase endurance, and improve coordination and fitness. You get a great workout too. Check with your vet and/or trainer before starting any new vigorous activity with your dog.


Agility is a great way to get fit together and to bond with your dog! 

The courses are set up so that dogs  and handlers must work together. Your dog will rely on your verbal and hand instructions in order to navigate the course which can build trust and  help to reinforce basic obedience commands such as RECALL.

Heather McLeod, head trainer at RUFFSPORT and her amazing team the Fast N’ Furry say, “Try agility training!” See them in this VIDEO at All About Pets Show.

Fast N’ Furry is a group of positively trained dogs that perform amazing agility, disc, tricks and fly ball routines based on the training practices of positive reinforcement.  If you would like to check out one of Heather’s classes and get your dog involved with agility click HERE!

Renee DeVilliers from All About Dogs is also a big fan of Agility Training and we had a great time at the Fun Day she set up for Talent Hounds auditions. Check out her classes and facility HERE
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  • Agility dogs are super stars in our book – they zoom so fast around that course. I like to run fast, but I don’t think I could ever run THAT fast.

  • Agility is such a great sport – so many muscles used! Including their brain – bonus points for that! I love how wicked fast some of them can be!

  • Wow intense workout. How long did you train for it all?