Get Active Indoors on this snowy Fit Dog Friday with Dog Tricks, Dog Games, and More!

January is always a challenge as I plan to get fit with Kilo the Pug. Some dogs stay warmer than others in very cold temperatures and love the snow,  but we both hate the cold and ice.

Fishstick the Rescue Pug- diet starts Monday

Community member Marcy shared her tips for keeping all of her talented fur babies Sweetie, Lulu and Shivers entertained and active during the winter season.

Tips to Keep Active and Warm in Winter With Your Dog

Play Indoor Games


“Playing tug with your dog can provide a wonderful outlet for her natural canine urges to grab and pull on things with her mouth. You can also use this game to exercise your dog and teach her important lessons.” -ASPCA (Read more HERE)

Jack Russell Terrier loves playing Tug

Make sure you have an appropriate toy,  something that is soft and comfortable to hold in your dogs mouth. Try a soft rope that’s one to three feet long!

A game of Tug can be a great way to work on some basic training and mental exercise for your dog in a fun way.  Use key phrases like “Drop it” or “Give,” while playing, and throw in a “Sit”, and “Stay” before letting your dog have the toy to work on self-control.

Kilo really loves playing Tug. He is not so keen on Drop It yet but we are working on it.


Tanum the Rescue Boxer plays Tug

Tanun, one of our Rescues Rock! cuties loves to play a good game of Tug! For any high energy dog looking this is a great way to engage their natural prey drive and burn some energy by jumping and tugging on the toy.

Hide and Seek

Have your dog stay while you go hide, then yell for your dog to come find you. This is a lot of fun for your dog as it plays on their natural instinct to track, plus they love it when they find you!

Or hide a toy or treat while your dogs stays elsewhere then call them to search- dogs like retrievers and Gussy the Goldendoodle love this game. I often throw or hide treats for Kilo to “go find”.

Lazer Toy Chase!

Lazer toys aren’t just for the felines anymore!  Let your dog burn off energy by chasing that little red dot that just seems to be impossible to catch! Easy to do even in small spaces and so much fun.

Go for a Swim!

Another great idea for small dogs is to go for a swim in the bathtub. This can be perfect to burn off energy, get in shape and get clean all at once!

The benefits of swimming include strengthening heart and lungs,  providing an aerobic workout in just a few minutes.  and building muscle without stressing joints and ligaments. This is a safe, effective complement to exercise on dry land. Water’s buoyancy makes it easy on joints, tendons and ligaments – allowing dogs to increase mobility, burn fat and build stamina.

You can even put your dog in a life jacket or a harness for safety before he goes for a dip and holds him up allowing him to paddle and rewarding him.  For all dogs, constant supervision is a must!

Fill up your tub so that your dog can’t touch the bottom and let the fun begin. Make sure the water is at a comfortable warm temperature but not too hot.

For larger dogs, check out a local Doggy Swim Class like Fit Dogs Training Centres in Toronto HERE!

Work on New Tricks

“It’s never to late to teach an old dog a new trick!”

Use your time inside to master some new tricks! We are constantly amazed to see the cool new tricks that our Talent Hound Community Members share on the site.

So with some extra time spent indoors this season why not work on some cool new tricks to wow the entire dog park with.

Here are Sweetie and Lulu showing off some cool tricks. Give them a try and share photos of your Talent Hound mastering new tricks! I have been teaching Kilo to ride his rocking horse too.


Rocking Horse


Play Piano



Of course Hero the Super Collie is never bored or boring. Sara is always adding fabulous new tricks

Here’s talented Sheby Star showing off some  tricks

Ranger doing a Paw Stand which you can practice indoors.

Ranger doing a paw stand against a wall

Talented Ranger

Get inspired by the super smart Chase! Watch his Trick video HERE

Happy Fit Dog Friday!

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  • Great ideas for indoor activities when the weather is bad. A swim in the bathtub for the little guys is GREAT! Thanks for joining the Hop.

  • Woof! Woof! to Ranger. I’m doing lots of indoor tricks too. Nowadays, I’m doing lots of yin yoga. Bathtub swimming will be pawsome …. we have to get a bigger tub. Happy FitDogfriday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • With our frigid New York winters, we don’t get outside for as long as the dogs would like. So indoor activities are important. Fantastic ideas…and, I don’t want to give it all away, but one of them hit upon our first K9Kamp challenge! Check next week and I hope you join in on K9Kamp!

  • We always get out the treat toys and brain games when the weather get rough. The dogs love it!

  • We’re working on the pawstand among other things. Winter isn’t too bad here except for when it pours.

  • Some great ideas! We do a lot of indoor Fetch and puzzles here!

  • Wows – I can only dream to be so fabulous!!

  • My humans have found a bunch of in door games to keep me busy through this long, cold winter! Great ideas, I will have to share them!

  • That’s how I feel about dieting too!

  • It can be tough to keep active when you have to stay indoors! Cinco and Manna love to chase laser pointers. 🙂 Interesting idea about taking smaller pups for a swim in the bath tub! That is very thoughtful. 🙂

  • Those are amazing tricks! Bentley LOVES to play laser light. He also does a mean death scene after being shot with your finger. LOL! LOL!

  • It was beautiful weather for our walk today. We will try learning some of these tricks, though – they look like so much fun! Thanks.

  • Those are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • These are great activity ideas. I loved playing tug with my dog as a child. I bet it’s adorable to watch a dog swim in the bathtub!

  • My mom’s dog loves to play tug-o-war all year long.

  • These are awesome tips to keep them active indoors. This is a great roundup. I will check the other posts later when I have the time.

  • These are all great tips. I love the bathtub swimming idea – very fun and cute. I’ve actually done that with one of my cats before MOL!

  • These are great ideas, although my dogs would not like the bath idea, LOL!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • Our winters can be pretty long here, so I’m always appreciative of good ideas for helping my dogs stay active. Thanks!

  • Got some great new ideas for tricks!

    I love playing hide-and-seek, it reinforces fast, happy recall!

  • What a fun post and a great reminder!