Major Breakthrough on Beautiful Fall Hike

 Kilo the Pug Rocks!

Kilo and I on rock We had two spectacular days for hiking in the ravine and Brickworks in between rain storms over the last 2 weekends. The sun was shining, the ducks were out and the Fall colours were so amazing.

Fall colours

Kilo by pond waiting 2

My husband and I took Kilo. It was quite busy where we entered the Brickworks so he was a little frightened at first but settled down.  The exercise did both of us good, especially as I have been travelling and he has been stealing Doritos for our video (httpss://

There were so many smells, terrains, rocks to jump up on and things to see.  Dogs are meant to be on-leash to protect the local wildlife which is perfect for Kilo.

Leash your pooch signs

Breakthrough for Kilo

The first day we were out walking, we saw our old neighbour Maya with her Mom Nancy. Kilo actually pulled me over to give an enthusiastic hello to Nancy and was fine with Maya. We walked together for another 20 minutes as Kilo insisted. We then waited in the sun outside the little cafe while the hubbies grabbed us coffee. Kilo was a sweetie.

Kilo watching ducks

Kilo by pond

The second day, Kilo did not react at anyone or any other dog and even sniffed a young lab’s butt in passing. He actually looked friendly. He then saw his one pal Stanley and family and raced over to say hi, much to my surprise.

Kilo running over to say hi to Stan and Al

The good thing about Stanley and Maya is that they both respect his space and are not too in his face, so he is gradually becoming comfortable with them. He even went over to Stanley’s house briefly last week and was a very good boy.

Kilo by the pond waiting

Then the icing on the cake. As we were hiking up the hill home on Day 2, a young out of control boxer puppy came bounding over on the narrow path and bumped the leash right off my hand as I was reaching down to Kilo, nearly bowling me off the path. I just about had a heart attack as Kilo took off with the puppy and I thought of 2 bad outcomes.  The good news- Kilo was not reactive to the puppy at all and he came back to me after a quick sprint. I still do not trust his recall enough to let him loose,  but at least all the hard work seems to be paying off a little. He and all around us were safe. We both has a nice siesta when we got home.

Kilo on the ravine hill

Happy Halloween

This weekend we have Halloween Parties for Kilo Saturday and Sunday at PawsWay. Hopefully, we’ll also get some walks by the waterfront in as well.

Be safe, be fit and have fun.

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