7 Amazing Border Collie Stars

Hero the Super Border Collie at Canadian Pet Expo

If you are very active and have the time and space to train and exercise a dog both mentally and physically, maybe a Border Collie is the right breed for you.

Try our breed quiz to see if you are suited (I am a Party Pug, luckily for Kilo, but sometimes I wish I was a Border Collie).

Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collies are medium sized dogs with strong, muscular bodies. Famously energetic and highly trainable, Border Collies excel at sports like agility, disc, dock-diving, fly ball, Treibball, and more. This herding breed is fast and tireless, with an incredible desire to work. They are considered to be the smartest dog breed on certain measures, and can learn many words, skills and tricks with consistent positive training. Boredom from lack of mental stimulation or exercise can lead to destructive  behaviours.

For more information check out our Breed Library.

This Fit Dog Friday we wanted to inspire you by showcasing some amazingly smart talented, fit Border Collies.

Hero the Super Collie

As well as dazzling on Talent Hounds and The Pet Network, Hero has given David Letterman Kisses, Performed for Marilyn Denis and CityTV, Played Basket Ball on Animal Planet and Skateboarded on The Family Channel. He is not only an amazing entertainer, but also a Qualified Therapy dog and has awards and certificates in Herding Instinct, Worlds Youngest Champion Trick Dog (At only 4 months old), and Agility! He recently hosted the Canadian Pet Expo and won the Dog Trick Contest at Woofstock on Day 1.

Fit Dog Border Collie Hero doing a Pawstand

Hero The Super Collie showing his impressive Pawstand

I love dancing and dogs dancing. Check out Sara and Hero in their incredible dance video that has gone viral on Facebook:


See Dog Training Tips Featuring Sara and Hero, the Super Collie.


You can catch Sara and Hero performing across the US in the Stunt Dog Show – we sure miss them here in Canada.

Hero's little sister Ms Marvel the Border Collie Rescue Puppy

Hero will soon have a little sister, and they will be The Super Collies.  Sara is adopting a beautiful 6-month-old female rescue puppy called Ms Marvel. We can’t wait to meet her (photo montage courtesy of the Super Collies Facebook page and Sara).

Nana the Border Collie

Nana is an extremely well-trained Border Collie with a YouTube Channel and successful career performing. Nana’s videos were part of the inspiration for the Talent Hounds Documentary as I could not believe how clever Nana and Kaiser the cat were. I trained my cat Nala to do several of the tricks in the video for chicken.


Nana is trained exclusively using positive reinforcement. I was so excited to meet here at Canadian Pet Expo.


Lottie the Border Collie

Young Lottie has performed 2 years in a row with Talent Hounds and just gets better and better. She is a fan favourite along with her brother Grizzly. She is also a well-trained trick dog but an accomplished athlete and competitor.

See Dog Training Tips By Taylor, the talented trainer of Lottie 

Fit Dog Lottie the Border Collie showing off her skills

Amazing talent Border Collie Dog Lottie showing tricks

Lottie has even learned to use the toilet.



Rev has performed with Talent Hounds and been featured on City TV and the Pet Network. He is now a member of the amazing Woofjocks team.

Talented Border Collie Rev in action with disc

Rev the Border Collie


Joey the Border Collie

Joey the Border Collie aka The Brainiac Border is a two year old Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Trick Dog. She also loves flyball and agility.



Diesel was one of the first dogs we filmed for Talent Hounds with trainer Heather from RuffSport. Diesel is a super athlete and competes in sports. He is also a talented trick dog and entertainer.


Paige the Border Collie

Here is a compilation of 15 cute dog tricks by the amazing Paige the Border Collie


What will you be doing with your dog this weekend?

I’ll be going to Woofstock and Christmas Pet Expo and hope to catch up with a few of these talented dogs there. Join Fit Dog Friday and be pro-active.

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  • Such raw talent…you go BC’s!

  • If someone is looking for a dog who needs to be trained and kept busy this breed is great. For us they are far too obedient and needy of jobs. They are perfect for trick dogs and stuff.

  • Border Collies are a super smart breed,

  • OMD! Those are some incredibly smart dogs! Thank you for sharing them. Amazing talent!

  • BCs are awesome. Mr. N and Sage like to try to outwit each other.

  • All of those dogs are amazing in their own way. Dachshunds are too stubborn to train that well (of course there might be an exception but…)

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes the dogs and the trainers are all very special (lots of smart hard working young ladies and BCs). Gretel seems so well trained and also Crusoe but most Dachshunds can be stubborn. Kilo the Pug has very selective abilities. He loves working for food and is eager to please when it suits him. He will follow a treat lure, but he just doesn’t really seem to get verbal or hand signals and he has to practise tricks a lot. However he is much more affectionate and cuddly than many Border Collies and enjoys a good nap. Suits me for now LOL. Will have to show you our new blended family comedy – 2 dogs a pug and BC are the kids and move in together- Odd couple chaos ensues. Have a great weekend

  • Love BCs! They’re the next breed on my list, for a running partner and trick dog. I have the only biddible, easy to train dachshund. She thinks she’s a BC.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Lol I was just chatting with Jessica about that. Nola seems amazing, but you can’t beat a BC for athletics and brains apparently. They have height and strength LOL. Love both breeds.

  • Oh my mouses! Just look at all that talent. Pretty spectacular, for sure.