Will you be in Ontario over Easter April 3-5, 2015? Check out the Canadian Pet Expo.

The Canadian Pet Expo is a true pet lover’s and pet family experience focusing on promoting responsible pet ownership with interactive events, demonstrations, vendors, rescues and workshops. Lots of Fit Dog Inspiration. We are so excited to be a media sponsor this year!

Don’t miss super talented official Canadian Pet Expo ambassador and master of ceremonies Sara Carson and HERO , The Pet Valu Talent Hounds Talent Search and Showcase, the NERF Interactive Dog Arena,  rescue dogs, pet parades,  fashion shows, WoofJocks Canine All-Stars, Ultimate Air Dogs Canada, breeders, tons of yummy food and places to shop + More!

We will be showcasing some Talent Hounds Stars who are fun FIT dogs who love to show off their high jumps, fast speeds and impressive tricks. Each dog and pet parent have put in hours of work training and practicing for the event and they are all sure to wow!

Meet Some of the Talented Stars:

Shivers, Sweetie and Lulu

Shivers alongside trick-star sisters Lulu and Sweetie and mom Marcy! A super talented family proving just how clever and fit Jack Russells can be!

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Over the Rainbow and Rescues Rock! Star

She’s been  featured in the Talent Hounds series, and won the title of “Toto” on CBC’s “Over the Rainbow” after beating out all other contenders. She completed challenges in a photo shoot, agility, dancing, stunt dogs, riding in a basket on a bicycle and told to jump “out”.  She sneezes and scratches on command and does many tricks like play dead, rollover, paw to foot, lay down and up down and others.

Owner Reta explains “Linzy had two homes before ours and was almost 4 before we were lucky enough to get her. She knew nothing but was eager to learn. She’s a gentle, smart, bright, enthusiastic FIT dog. Everyone loves her.” Linzy frequently gives back at charity events and is great with children.

TH Linzy + sign

Blind Rescue Dog Arthur. This special little dachshund is proof- Rescue Dogs Rock! He has overcome being born without eyes and almost euthanized. Watch him do his amazing sent detection.  Mom Margaret will be at All About Pets supporting Helping Homeless Pets and Tiny Paws Rescue.


Kowboy Fred!

”A wild Aussie stock dog who loves to fly after discs!” He has competed in disc dog classes and adores Toss & Fetch and Free Style. Watch Kow fly on stage with owner and trainer Mike.



An adorable Disc Dog Star who will win your heart on stage.


Rev ’em Up “Rev”, the Border Collie.
Amazing  canine freestyle, agility, film, bike/skijoring, disc, dock diving, herding,  champion trick dog (TDCH) and new WoofJocks member!
A 2 year old border collie. Alongside being an aspiring dog actress, she knows tons of tricks and also participates in many dog sports! An impressive trick dog with over 100 tricks including some high flying stunts! She can jump over 4.5″ and do fun flips in the air!
image111 Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 12.51.00 PM
She knows over 120 tricks as well as agility, disc, and is a service dog and therapy dog.










Maya the sheltie and Mickie the siberian husky trick dogs


Maya also knows about 100 tricks and Mickie is up to 60. Meet these talent siblings alongside their trainer and owner Ashely.

Buster and Harley

Trish Aleve of Pawsome Pet Photography and the CCRT Chihuahua Rescue. Plus ADOPTABLE dog Vegas from RTRC will be here Sunday.

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And Many More! 


1) PASS GIVEAWAY – We are giving away a second family pass to the event so enter NOW to WIN!

2) TALENT SEARCH CASTING CALL: Does your Pet have Talent? Click and tell us.

We will be also choosing one online winner for a $50 VISA Gift Card (US and Canada where legal) and up to 10 new stars to participate in the Pet Valu Talent Hounds Talent Search and Showcase this year at the Canadian Pet Expo (Ontario, Canada).




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