Celebrate Summer!

Get out and Walk but don’t forget to Stop & Smell the Roses.

TH Kilo smell roses

This Fit Dog Friday we’d like share some fun ideas on enjoying the last days of summer from the Talent Hounds Community


“Roxy loves to swim!!  So of course we invite her in the pool to cool off.  We all have super fun swimming and throwing her ball so that she dives in to retrieve.” -Alice

Roxy swimming with ball



“We spend our summer doing tricks and playing at the beach!” – Nichole &  Joey, The Border Collie




“Hiking, Swimming, Playing, Beaches, Lakes, Camping, Walks! We do everything together, I have two wonderful furbabies and we celebrate summer by being outside and active !” -Amanda


Hit the Dog Park

“I love taking my dog to the park, she’s just a pup and has tons of energy and really enjoys running for sticks or any kind of toy you throw for her”- Rebecca


“Bella, Terra, & Kronos celebrate summer by going on some new adventures and exploring. We went to Flagstaff and explored the forests, the meadows (that’s what the attached picture is), and the town. Before summer ends we’ll be going to a lake near us and spending the day swimming and enjoying the warm weather before it begins to cool down.” -Tiffany


Try Some Sports

“We take our team of five (5) dogs, known as the K9 PAT Platoon, around to various parks, fairs and retirement homes and entertain crowds with “Frisbee Dog” shows.” -JJ


Check Out Some Dog Friendly Fests

“Blue and I celebrate summer by going to festivals and talking to people about dog rescue” – Linda

Hear Rescue Dog Blue’s Story

Ray of sunshine

Thanks to all that entered the Celebrate Summer Contest, and if you haven’t ENTER NOW for your chance to WIN!




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  • Great ideas for summer fun and one last weekend to get it all in! Thanks for joining the hop!

  • Some great ideas! We are busy with out normal walking and running but now Bailie has a lot of tracking homework to work on and we both have nose work. Both can be done outdoors, so that is what we are up to.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks Emma- sounds fun- you and Bailey are so talented at tracking. Kilo does not seem that great at nose work, even sniffing around for fallen treats. Maybe because of his squishy face or maybe because he gets overwhelmed by all the new smells. Sometimes he can’t even focus on walking. However I think he will eventually be really good at tricks and agility once he learns to cope with other new people and dogs. Have a great weekend

  • Those are all great ideas for summer. I can’t believe it’s already so late in the year, we’ve got leaves falling in the backyard…

  • I don’t think I’m ready for fall yet! Hoping for an Indian summer so we can get a few more hikes in.

  • I think brown dawgs love swimming best!