Well all my new year’s resolutions have been challenged with this freezing cold weather I am living in.


It may look pretty, but at -20’C with bitter winds today, it is just not pleasant outside for more than a quick pee for many  humans and dogs. And to top it off, I have my second flat tire in 3 weeks. Boo!


Leaving the warmth and comfort of my bed or couch is that extra bit difficult, possibly even dangerous. today.


Here are some ideas on how to stay active, safe and warm when the weather is just too harsh to face:

Try hoping on the treadmill

3 Dachshund Dogs on a Treadmill – Adorable!

This is a great way for both of you to get a walk or run in with out the layers of outdoor clothing.

A treadmill  can supplement the regular walks and reduce this excess energy, leading to a happier dog. Although  a treadmill shouldn’t be a permanent replacement for walking your dog outside on a leash  every day, it is a nice option on days neither of you want to be outdoors.

A treadmill can also be amazing for an aging dog  not able to negotiate curbs or stairs any longer but still needs to exercise. Also, for rehabilitating a dog that had been injured or had surgery.

Play some games and get both of you off the couch

Try Tug of War, Chase, Ball or Hide and Seek.

For more great ideas on staying active indoors check out our previous post outlining more fun ideas HERE

Gain flexibility and do some Doga – Doggy Yoga!

A Cute Chihuahua Dog Imitates His Owner Doing Yoga – It’s soo adorable!

So try your hand at a downward dog with your fluffy pal and stretch out those winter blas!

If you do go out, Just remember to both be safe! Bundle Up as required, Pull on those Winter Boots, and head out for snowy park time!


 How are you staying active today?



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  • Minus 20 is rough (or ruff!). But doable, for short periods of time.

    Bundle up, out a sweater and paw mitts on your dog, and run around like crazy for 15 minutes!

    Thanks for joining the hop!


  • Oh man, I really have no excuse for not moving my butt! I hope we don’t get anymore freak storms and you guys can go out and enjoy some outdoor fun!

  • Yes its been so cold here too. the negative temps is so hard fro people and dogs. So been very creative on keeping Sugar active. Lots of mind games and yes to YOGA. When she gets better (soon) she’ll be going swimming. Stay Warm. Golden Woofs