Disc, Trick and Dock Diving Dogs Keep Fit

We are always looking for fun activities to do with our dogs. Last weekend we saw amazing disc, scent and trick dogs in our Talent Showcase at Canadian Pet Expo. The training and practise provide great mental and physical exercise for all the amazing dogs that performed.


Proud to say we won the 2015 award:


We also watched the Ultimate Air Dogs Canada Dock Diving. The dogs seemed to absolutely love it and they all looked very fit. Dock Diving combines chasing, jumping and catching with swimming.  Even dogs wearing life jackets were very enthusiastic participants, although I can’t see Kilo the Pug enjoying it (he is not a fan of water and only likes catching treats).

They had contests for height and distance I believe. Some of the dogs got serious air. They moved so fast it was hard to capture the jumps.

TH CPE Dock3


Happy Fit Dog Friday and have a great weekend.



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