Dog Shoes and Life Jackets Can Make Your Dog Safer

I worry about impulsive little Kilo the Pug when we are near water, and also out walking in the heat of summer of the ice and snow of winter.

I met Roanna Sabeh-Azar from Neo-Paws International supporting Paws In The Park (a fundraising event for the Toronto Humane Society).  She has been designing and producing Pet Safety Apparel for 20 years now and I liked the look of her products, especially the dog booties and lifejackets. Her company line is “We protect your pet. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. I had heard about her award-winning Dog Boots for Winter at a Pet Expo.

It was a beautiful day in Toronto so we set up an interview on Pet Safety down by the waterfront.


Kilo trying life jacket

Kilo the Pug

I think the benefits of lifejackets for dogs like Kilo the Pug, who is not very buoyant and is scared of water, are obvious. I had tried various lifejacket brands on Kilo, but could not find one that fit his big chest and small body and kept his head clear. Ronnie very kindly brought a bright yellow one down for him to try (I like the fact that it is easy to see). It needs a bit of adjusting, but the design allows for that. I think it seems to be really great for him.

Kilo got a bit hot and cranky in the sun, so we kept the fitting short and he retired to the aircon and treats at his fave nearby dog facility PawsWay.

Boots and Shoes for Dogs?

I worry about Kilo’s feet on hot pavement or on ice and snow. If something hurts my bare feet, it could hurt his too. We are pretty careful to avoid burns and salt or ice. We tried little covers last winter once, but Kilo hated!!! them and they kept falling off. I was interested to hear about the Neo-Paws dog boots for winter and summer.

Dog Shoes for ALLERGENS

Ronnie explained the inspiration behind her range (jogging and walking with her dogs downtown), and some of the unique design attributes (they breathe, they lace up well and stay on, they are orthopedic, they are made of high-quality materials). I was not aware of some of the benefits beyond barrier protection, especially for dogs with arthritis, or on slippery surfaces.

Her new little rescue Yorkie Sadie tried some for the first time- so cute as you can see in the video. It sometimes takes dogs a few tries to get used to them, but then they are very comfy based on the reviews I have read and heard. They can certainly help avoid burns, cuts, abrasions, freezing, bacteria, dragging and other issues.

Do your dogs wear boots in summer or winter?

NB This post was not sponsored. However, we did end up keeping the beautiful yellow lifejacket so Kilo is all set for our next trip to the lake.

Happy Fit Dog Friday. Bring out the best in your dog!

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  • With all the time we spend outdoors on different surfaces and in different weather, our paws are pretty hardy. We only wear shoes if it is colder than -10F or if there is a lot of fresh wet snow as it makes ice balls between out toes but otherwise, no shoes.

  • Brown dawgs don’t wear boots but they are a good option for dogs that need them. Love the life jacket.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes our climate can be brutal here. Unfortunately a battle to get Kman to try them. He prefers to be naked and stay (and pee) inside when there is snow.