Fight Dog Obesity!


Let’s Discuss Dog Obesity Across Canada.

Research for our new episode Fit Dogs Rock!  showed that 53% of all pet dogs in the US were overweight or obese in 2013 and we suspect the numbers will be very similar in Canada. We have decided to conduct a study with vets and pet owners to compare to the US study.

We discussed health and fitness with veterinarian Dr. Ian Sandler from the Rosedale Animal Hospital.  Two key tips are to watch your what your dog is eating and to exercise regularly.

“People don’t realize, the number one reason for pets becoming obese is over feeding so we have to be super careful about how we feed and when we feed. I really recommend using a feeding cup so you know exactly how much the pet is getting.” said Dr Sandler.


“The other big culprit is treats. So people may use a feeding cup and say well my dog’s only getting a half-cup or one cup a day and then they may be giving several treats a day. And Suddenly a dog that is maybe 15 lbs has got 5 or 6 treats, which can be the equivalent of one to two cups of food. If you are using fruits and vegetables like celery apples, carrots & even sometimes cantelope, those options are certainly a green light.” -Dr Sandler

We also spoke to many of our friends in this Blog Hop about what they do to keep their dog happy and healthy including Peggy Frezon, author of the Dieting With My Dog Books. We are very excited to be collaborating with Slim Doggy Steve on tips and tools to help.

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In our episode we will review great ways to get inspired and get active including walking, hiking, running, swimming, agility, disc, dancing, dock diving, treibball and more:

10 Ways To Get Active With Your Dog!

Happy Fit Dog Friday! Share how you keep your dog fit.

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  • We always use a measuring cup when feeding Veruca and Ava. Not only does it help with portion control, it helps with budgeting. I can pretty much predict the day that we will run out of food. Can’t wait for the survey.

  • Looking forward to this!

  • I can’t wait for the new episode Fit Dogs Rock!
    I had to learn that trick about measuring my dog’s food. Before, my “one scoop” held twice as much food as my dog needed.

  • We measure our dogs’ food and try to have treats that are only a few calories so that they don’t get loaded up on them.