Fit Dogs Rock!

This week, we are featuring more of our fit Rescues Rock! Stars from our upcoming TV episode and Campaign. Get inspired and Be proActive this Holiday Season.

Stars Linzy and Remi love agility, disc and dancing to stay active. While others including Boomer, Heidi and Arthur, have over come obstacles such as impaired vision or being wheelchair bound and still stay active.

Check out our Fit Rescues Rock Stars in action!


Linzy is no newcomer to the spot light. She is not only incredibly well trained but truly loves to perform. She had no problem weaving her way through these fun portable poles for our cameras.


As the handler, you will be running alongside your dog, and guiding them over jumps, weaving through poles, and tunnels. While you and your dog compete to swiftly finish the course, you will be treated to a heart-healthy cardiovascular workout.


Remi takes the leap in agility! Natalie not only rescued Remi, but has taught him lots of tricks and sports. Read how Remi likes to stay active from our previous edition of Fit Dog Friday HERE. 


Inspirational senior Heidi  zipped around set on her wheels keeping up with any of the other dogs. She doesn’t let her  back legs or age get in the way of fun!


This summer at Pawlooza, we met Boomer, another rockin’ rescue who loves to chase a Lure. He may have been born paralyzed but Boomer doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying life and chasing his dreams. Watch Boomer in Action!


Although Arthur may not see the ball or net, his clever nose and his amazing hearing allow him to still locate them. Watching him play soccer on set was not only very inspiring, but you can tell how happy he truly is. Arthur doesn’t know he is blind and has never let it stop him from playing and exploring.

This holiday season Be proActive with your dog. Check our Fit Dog Friday blog posts and our friends at Slim Doggy for inspiration!




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